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Several if not all teachers say that the point of history classes is either to prevent us from making the same mistakes we have made in the past or to teach us how great our country is and to be proud of living here. However, if history classes are trying to teach us that our country is great and we should be proud of living here, the intentions of history classes is not being fulfilled. This is because we are learning that we stole land from Indians. How does that teach us to be proud of the United States? Although, if we are learning about history to prevent us from making the same mistakes we've made in the past, why not make history an elective for those who want to help? I'm sure that if the students that learned history end up in a situation where a mistake that has been made in the past is about to occur again, most won't attempt to prevent it because they either don't want to get involved or they will get something out of it.
Don't forget the hawaiians and there land, and I agree, It should be an elective because most kids slack off in History, and most of the teachers are douche bags.
most students including me slack off in history....
i wonder who is interested in history, in my entire life, i only know of one person that actually had interest in it...
I agree that a lot of people do not like history, thus they don't pay attention. However, I also agree that it is an important subject in our education. The teacher makes a difference as well. I've been fortunate to have two very good history teachers in high school, which makes the class not as boring. It's even (dare I say it) fun at times. Surprised
Yahh thats true when i was a student i was very bad in history subject
I was just thinking like this has happened in past then why we are studing it now.But now i m realising importance of that subject,its very important to know history .you will come to know its importance whel you will become quite mature
I've always been in the mind set that history is only important if you are going into politics. If your going into politics, history is very important for the obvious reasons. You'll need to know history because you'll need to know how and why governments have failed in the past, how people have reacted to different situations, etc.

But since I'm not ever planning on going into politics, I don't care about history.
History to me is my favorite subject. It is the stories of the past. The most important thing of history is not what you actually learn, its the idea of perspective you learn. It not only helps your define the perspective of the world around you and the world around others. It is up to the individual then to recognize the immediacy of what is being taught.

History does both of its roles well. It tells us the good things you, your descendants or your nation to instill pride. It tells us the bad things so we will not repeat them.
As a student I could never make myself be interested in or enjoy history classes, from middle school to college. A big part of that was probably the institutional nature of school, which is not at all about letting the student explore the subjects and areas of natural interest. Another problem is that the gradeschool history books are pretty much all lies...once you start learning the shocking details of what's really happened in the past, not just the brainwashing materials required to keep us all good little civilized citizens, it becomes more interesting.

Now that I'm a few years out of school, I've started to want to learn things for myself, not to please others (teachers, parents, future people scrutinizing my transcripts, etc.) I've taken an interest in the big picture of where we are, how we got where we are, and where we're going, and all of this is intricately bound up in history. So now it's naturally interesting to me, and I'm free to follow the threads which jump out at me the most as I continue to learn for myself!
Making anything an ellective for students will just mean that they wont do what they done like. So then no students will take maths or anything not fun. There has to be lines drawn somewhere. The basics should be taught to a point and then from there a student should be given the opportunity to choose the path to go. But the basics must still be there!
To be well-rounded in your education, you at least have to be exposed to history and have some knowledge of it. I hated it too at times, but it's an extremely juvenile way of thinking--just because you don't like it or whatever doesn't mean that it's not useful in regards to your education. The US has made a looot of mistakes in the past (and present!) but most countries have's just sort of interesting on the whole, if you really try to get into it, and it's supposed to help make you understand references to histortical figures and battles and whatnot when you come by them in your daily life or whatever. You wouldn't want to be the butt of a joke after not getting a joke made in the office by one of your peers about how the boss seems akin to some führer whose name seems to escape him, now would you? Razz
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