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Industrial Engineering Technology - Automotive Mechanics

i'm currently a freshman in high school and i want to know what is the best way to get into a automotive mechanic carrer.
I would get a technician degree. There is bound to be some type of auto technician degree a college on one of you’re islands. Any monkey can turn a wrench or diagnose an oxygen sensor; what you need to learn is all the diagnostic equipment and software. Additionally, a degree of any type says you are dedicated and smart enough to not only get out of bed in the morning, but you can accomplish stuff with your time.

Until then, get good grades, pay attention in math, drive a piece of garbage, and don’t fall into one of those groups that think they will prosper with a college diploma. College is fun, don’t pass it up.
I would sugguest you persuit the best technical university in your country and to select the automotive department. In your leisure time, you can take some time in reading some automotive magazine in order to get some sense of this field.
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