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[A Small Update about Me] I'M SORRY!!!

I'm Sorry!!!

It was one of my New Year Resolution, and am about to complete it. The resolution was to apologies to anyone & everyone out there. I have let you people down; I have lied to all you people out there for a long time now. And I would like to apologise for it.

The reason is; that as you might know I was doing my chemical engineering, but well failed miserably in my first semester it self and even after a total of 4 attempts couldn’t clear it. The only heartening fact was that, I did clear my Semester 2 that too with first class but heck who would have let me into Second Year without clearing Sem-1. As I reached my 4th attempt I had already lost interest in pursuing the course, I just gave the exam for the heck of it, and as expected flunked again. I know I have let a lot of people down, am I am very sorry for that.

So if you have the question as to what am I doing now, then here’s the answer. Well in that 2 years I discovered that my core interest was not chemical, but computer programming, so decided to change tracks completely. I am now doing B.Sc. (IT) from Mumbai University via correspondence and, have just a week back given the first semester exams. Touch Wood all the papers were very easy (at least for me) and I’m eagerly awaiting the results with a complete peace of mind and have never been so relaxed about my results in a very long time now.

Inshallah, next year i.e. for Second Year, I will get admission in a full time college, and purse the course of my interest I.T.

I would like to apologise to everyone out there, and hope you forgive me and we carry on from here as ever before. I personally know quite a few people who looked up to me. But guys I am not your ideal man, I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

Personally, I am so relieved that I will no longer have to lie to anyone about anything (at least as far as my education life is concerned). Also, I have learnt a lot of hard facts about life, and found a few very true friends, who stood by me no matter what, at a time when everybody decided to leave me and move on.
I'm glad you've found the course you really like. ^_^
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