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DVD performance

Tony The Tiger
I am not sure if this is the proper forum for a DVD player posting. Please accept my apology if not. I have had a DVD player for several years and have played hundreds and hundreds of DVDs on this player. It has begun skipping. I bought a dvd disk cleaner (DVD with small brush). The next DVD played flawlessly. Is there anything else I need to do or is this it? How often do I really need to do this (not how often do they say I need to). They guy at blockbuster said every other week, which seems like overkill.
yes , indeed , that looks me abit much. and besides , it isnt that good to to you it too much , especially not when the dvd reader is also a writer , wich i dont know if it is the case. i think you should only use the cleaner when you have problems,just to prevent damage by cleaning. hope i helped you out , greetz
Is this in a computer or a standalone? (these things are helpful)

Always remember, DVD players are cheap and easy to replace. If it's in your computer, consider adding a new DVD burner. If it's standalone, don't feel afraid of replacing it with a newer/better one as they're plentiful and reasonably priced. If you're a console gamer, (PS2/3, XBOX/360) you can always use that instead.

BTW, make sure the dvd player is ventilated. I had issues with an older standalone when I set things on top of it.
Tony The Tiger
Oddly, after playing the first movie flawlessly, the last two have had problems. I am not sure how well the cleaner is working. My DVD player is a standalone 5 disk changer. I have used it for about 1000 disks. I am ordering a new laptop with a DVD player tomorrow.
Why is it always the multiple disc standalones that crap out?
That is the problem with all optical based storage media and readers.. Either the disks get scratched out or the player lens becomes screwed up... Thank god for the flash based storage and USB based external hard drives.

My suggestion would be that next time you hunt for a DVD player go for one with external USB and SD / CF card readers and ones which can play DivX, XVid movies and so on.. These, you can store on a hard disk or flash drive and connect to the player. There are plenty such players available now in the market.

Let us all bid adieu to the world of optical media (well, not entirely replaceable, but at least we should try to minimize the usage) !
kevin briggs
Please use quote tags when copying and pasting wrote:
Q: What is causing my CD or DVD player to skip?
A: A skip happens when something interferes with the laser from your disc player (CD Player, DVD Player, Game Player or computer) and the data contained on the disc. The problem will lie in one of two places: the disc player and/or the disc.

If your disc player is the problem, you will experience skipping or other problems with multiple discs. For example, if it seems that a lot of your CDs are suddenly skipping, the problem is probably with the disc player and not your discs. Try using one of Allsop's Laser Lens Cleaners to clean and protect the performance of your electronics.

If you have a CD that is skipping on multiple players, there is something wrong with your CD. Problems range from things as simple as fingerprints to more serious damage like abrasions and scratches. These types of surface damage prevent your disc player’s laser from reflecting off of the CD correctly, which can cause the CD to skip or sometimes stop all together. Allsop has a variety CD and DVD Cleaners to help repair a malfunctioning CD.
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