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Dictionary files

Tony The Tiger
I am just realizing that when I perform my quarterly hard drive reformatting, I may be losing some data. I backup my desktop and My Documents folders to an external hard drive and then backup the entire internal hard drive. However, when I reinstall all the software files and then add back my desktop files and My Documents folder, I don't really do much else. Are my Microsoft Word and WinEdt dictionary files somewhere where they can be migrated to the reformatted hard drive?
I assume that you are referring to Word spelling dictionaries.
The custom dictionary file is located in custom location Wink You can always change and view it using Tools->Options, then the Spelling & Grammar tab, then Custom Dictionaries.
This is the path for that setting in Word 2003, but I believe in other versions (beside perhaps Word 2007 it is similar)

Best regards

Tony The Tiger
You are telling me how to see it in Word. What I need to know is how to find the file and save it so that when I reformat my hard drive every 3 months I do not lose it. I can only see part of the path when I follow your instructions. I.E., I can see C:\...\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof\CUSTOM.DIC. This does not tell me where the file is. I did a windows search for *.dic files. It does not show up. In addition, I found 3 C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\lang files, 17 files in various subdirectories of C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt, and 1 C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\dictionary

Which files do I need to save to preserve entries I have added to dictionaries and which are part of the setup? Also, where is this Word custom.dic?

The path you are looking at in Word is the path where the file lies.
The file is by default in C:\...\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof\CUSTOM.DIC as you stated.
To access it however, you need to enable "Show hidden files" feature, which can be found under My Computer /Tools / Folder Options menu.
Look in View tab, and find and check something similar to "Show hidden files and folders". Try accessing that DIC file again - I bet it will be found this time.

Best regards

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