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Problems with hard drive

Rune Tune
Hi there,

I've just developed a problem with the 40GB Seagate hard drive on my old computer.

It will suddenly begin to make a very strange clicking sound and then the computer comes up with an error message and I have to shut down.

It *the computer* recently went and had the hard drive reformatted because it was close to being full, so I saved off what I wanted and allowed the rest to be cleared.
This was when the problem started and I am wondering if the two are related since it really began such a short time afterwards. The place that did the reformat refuse to believe that is might be and just keep telling me I need a new disc?

Is there anyway I can work out what is causing this since I don't want to replace the disc unless absolutely necessary.

Cheers in advance.
Sounds as if the harddive is on it's last legs, how old is it? and any warrenty on it still?. the reformat proberly just gave it a work out and showed that it cant take it anymore thats all. Look into gettting a new one, there pretty cheap nowdays.
Rune Tune
Thanks for the reply. I was hoping it might be salavable since so often a hard drive failure isn't when it gets looked at in more depth.

Its about 3.5 years old now and not under any warranty. Its also had a lot of use over that time, so its hardly surprising its giving up the ghost.

Will have to look at getting it replaced ....... just need to find the time to arrange it lol

Thanks again.
You can always try and reformat it your self see if that does anything before buying a new one, not going to lose anything if it completly stops working.

May just be alot of the disk unreadable, at least try!
These peeps are correct most the time clicking means drive is on its last leg. but as one stated reformating might solve the problem but I would google search and download a low level format app to format it usually quick format just removes the pointers to the data and does not erase it. where writing ones and the zeros to the entie drive will infact check every sector and make sure they are not fualty. also 90% the time that puts enough stress on the drive so if its going to break it will during low level format. also might want download a type a benchmark software and run a few bench marks on the drive and compare the to manufactures specks. that way you can see if drive is actually failing due to seek times and such. If seek time and access time are way high you better grab you a new dive casue that one will soon be gone.
Yeah you might aswell give it one last try and reformat it like i said, like to hear back from you how it went and if you had to buy a new one.
Try FDISK. But one word for the curious. When you hear something in your PC and the annoying sound is from your Harddrive - it is truly dying if not dead. I have a Computer cafe and I know when every harddrive is giving-up. You can run different things like installing other OS platforms, reformat or benchmark but when a knocking sound like tick-tick-tick comes from the harddrive, it will need a replacement.

One word of caution too. I have experienced it myself and many other people who sought help for my service reported incidents like this. Do not set your PC into hibernation if you have a very low harddrive capacity (after installing much of your favorite softwares) - specially if you let it sleep for longer periods of time in hibernation. It will definitely give so much stress for the drive and in one way or another cause it to be damaged. I got it from work experience and I hope that helps to save another harddrive.
sounds like ur hdd is abt to die
i'd backup all ur data and buy a new hdd
assuming its a newish hdd (3-4 yrs old)?

if its one of the 6-7 yr old models
its prolly normal
my ancient pentium 1 pc which i use as a fileserver has a 10gb seagate which sounds like a lawnmower and its been working for 11 yrs with the problem (and yes, i can tell the difference from the whining of cpu coolers and the psu fan)
I had the same problem as yours some time back. Fortunately my harddisk was in warranty, so I got it replaced ! So my advice to you will be to get a new hard disk , beacuse if you format it and then try to use it , you may end up losing some important data ...
my old ibm is still having the same problem for about 2 years. Cept I don't get errors. It sounds like a squeeky gate being opened and slammed closed. Correct? Well that's a sign of an HD dying.
Run a scandisk on all partitions of your drive to see if whether there are any bad sectors. The "strange clicking sound" might be an indication of hardware faults.
as a developer an computer expert find the manufacturers low level format too for dos diagnostics and run all the tests and then write one's an zero's
There is one other solution that is a 1 in 100 chance of working.

If you can, find a PC repeair shop that might have the same make and model HDD that also is not working. Then you can swap the controller board on the bottom. This is where the problem is coming from.

The controller can no longer control the read/write heads properly.

I've done this once before and it worked but there is a chance of total failure.

It might be a risk to far or you might not want to get this technical for just a 40Gb drive.

I hope this helps.
I had the same problem with on of the pc's. See, you have to get the hard disk installation software from the harddisk manufacturer for the very same model. The do a reformat and install the file system and install Windows or your OS. It should work alreight afterwards. If not you need to get a new HD. It must be the HD that's in it's last days. YES it's TRUE!
Well. well... If you ever have same problem like this before I think you will think to replace it ASAP after your files got backed up, If you force it much more longer than this point, you'll get more problem, such as Bad Sector, Cyclic Redundary Error, File missing accidently and other "nice" problems..

Buy a new one, since 3 Years is a long period.
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