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Windows XP & Motorola Phone Tools Problem?

Captain Fertile
I have a Motorola RAZR V3 and wanted to use the supplied USB cable and the supplied Motorola Phone Tools 4.0 to upload wallpapers and ringtones etc.

The Problem is that it installed okay first time (with me carefully following the instructions of course) and even updated itself automatically online. It seemed to work but when I tried to use the software again a few minutes later it is unable to find my phone at all (it classes it as a modem in the software but it cannot find it at all).

I have searched the web and found it seems quite a common problem and ‘may’ be a problem with the software conflicting with XP but no resolution has been offered anywhere.

I had the exact same problem using Motorola Phone Tools on my XP system in the past with a previous Motorola phone without solution.

Has anyone had this problem? Did you resolve it? If so how?

Failing this can anyone suggest any other software or any other method I can try to upload media to my phone via USB? A good Free option would be best but anything you can suggest will be checked out and I will be happy to spend the money to try it if it looks like it might work.

I am in the UK if this makes any difference to a solution.

Thanks guys.
Motorola has recently updated their drivers. You should try the new ones.
Another possibility is to switch the phone in mass storage device mode.
Captain Fertile
I did install the latest available drivers and that didn't work.

Another possibility is to switch the phone in mass storage device mode.

Can you explain a little more because I am not too sure what you mean by this - ok, to be honest I have no idea what that means. Embarassed

I install the Motorola's phone tools for my wife's moto phone. It is not easy to make it run correctlly. Sometimes it can't find the phone when I connect the phone. I update to the new version, it seems to go well.
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