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Linux Problem


I am beginning in linux.. I installed slackware 10,1 in mine I scheme... to put in the installation when I requested the resolution that would use placed same of windowsxp 1024 x 786 and when I was to initiate startx gave problem, it nao I appear nothing of image, as I arrange this?


ou se achar algum brasileiro que não entender ingles...

eu sou iniciante no linux.. instalei o slackware 10.1 na minha maquina... porem na instalação quando solicitou a resolução que usaria coloquei a mesma do windowsxp 1024 x 786 e quando fui iniciar o startx deu problema, ele nao aparece nada de imagem, como arrumo isso?
Read the XFree log ( /var/log/XFree86.0.log )
See if you have the correct settings for your graphics card. Try setting a smaller resolution to see if it wors. If it does, then you should check if you need some display drivers (especially if you have a new video card)
Try posing here the piece of code that shows you the error.
I you are using a debian based distro start in recovery mode, and type "dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg" or "dpkg reconfigure xserver-xfree86" and make sure your settings are all correct. I that does not work than please let us know what you are using so we can help better (eg Xandros, Fedora Core, Ubuntu). and you hardware info.
can u give us a copy of your XF86Config-4?
(or whatever u have similar to that in /etc/X11)

If you're in text mode:

]$ su root

]# mkdir /home/user/etc
]# cp -f /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 /home/user/etc
]# cd /home/user/etc
]# ftp youhost 21

connected blah blah!
Username: your user
Pass: your pass

ftp> put XF86Config-4 /public_html/SOME-DIR

transferred blah blah!

ftp> quit
]# exit
]$ logout

restart here..

then you can log into Windoz and give us ze address. =D
Slackware is a good distribution no doubt, but its not really meant for the timid to dirty their hands with.

I would suggest starting with mandrake linux. It is easy to setup and easy to use. Once you get the feel for that, you could move up to debien, fedora, or slackware if you wish.

Just my opinion.

... or gentoo if you want a really big headache Laughing
for something you can play with go grab Knoppix, burn it and play around cause its a live CD you can learn linux basics without worrying about messing things up.
Perhaps try SUSE (or OpenSUSE). It's the most userfriendly *nix I've encountered, especially with the install (fully graphical, and fast).
Suse is friendlier than ever. Try their "pro" product. Also consider Madrake Corp Desktop Smile
Every once in a while they give SUSE Pro away for free, check out the Novell website. They have a mailing list.
I just wanted to add to my previous post another distro I found thats awesome. That would be Ubuntu. Now I figured that it was just the newest buzzword, nothing that but I downloaded it and installed it in a virtual machine the other day and it's nice. Its really friendly and packed with a lot of features, not to mention some nice eye candy.

Ubuntu is pretty slick, especially if you're a fan of Gnome, although I think they have a version of it based on KDE (Kubuntu?). Definitely worth a try.
I'm running an slackware 10.2... Past your error when you digit startx please! And the lspci result Very Happy
As is we haven't data for resolve the problem Very Happy
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