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This Faq is written by me, my gamertag on Xbox live is Xx YuNg On3 xX
By: Xx YuNg On3 xX

Tom Clancy's

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Version 1.1

Players Offline: 1-2

Players Online: 2-16

Downloadable Content: Yes

Demo: Single player demo available early to mid February

Release Date: March 2007

Developer: Ubisoft’s Paris and Red Storm Studios

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Tactical Shooter / Third Person Shooter




Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 builds off of the events in the first game and places gamers in control of the U.S. military’s elite fighting unit, the Ghosts. In the year 2014, the rising conflict between Mexican loyalists and insurgent rebel forces has thrown Mexico into full-scale civil war. Under the command of Captain Scott Mitchell, the Ghosts are called upon to face an imminent threat to the United States. The fate of two countries now lies in the hands of the Ghosts as they fend off an attack on U.S. soil. Equipped with the most cutting-edge weaponry and technology, the Ghosts must battle on both sides of the border to neutralize the escalating rebel threat.



Questions & Answers

What is the Story Mode like?

It follows on from the first game; the remaining rebel Mexican forces are gathering along the US border - the situation is extremely critical in the area of Juarez, which is a town on the border of the US in Mexico. A lot of industrial capabilities are located in Juarez (the original Xbox was manufactured there). Most of the remaining civilians are there and the US government has gathered intelligence that a weapon of mass destruction has possibly been sent there by rebels from Panama.

What is improved in this game over the original GRAW?

In the new GRAW game developers listened to it's audience and decided to improve on the computer A.I. There's a new character class as well, the medic class, who will be able to heal anybody at any time. In the previous game when somebody was shot down lying on the floor you were able to heal him. Now, if somebody's lost say two-thirds of their life you can heal him there and then. It's good when you're in a critical situation yourself as well - let's say your life is red, you can call your medic and he'll get you back to full life.

Any Changes to the drone?

The new first-person drone view was something missing from GRAW. Whether it was a drone, a helicopter or your teammates they only gave you feedback through a very small window and ubi found that it could have definitely been improved, it lacked details.

You saw detail but you didn't know if objects were behind walls or behind something - you can get a much more detailed view in first-person, you can really change the way you play the game. If you get a view from above that changes your perception of the action, you can evaluate your teammates more efficiently. It really adds another layer to the tactical choice of the player.

Lots of people don't like playing others over xbox live, what is co-op like now?

Several new missions have been added to the new co-op campaign and you will most likely also be able to play through the regular single player campaign as well.

Like Rainbow 6 Vegas will you be able to scan yourface using the Xbox Live Vision Camera?

Not excactly the same thing as Vegas but you will definetely see something very similar.

Will Gears Of War have any affect on how many games are sold?

No, Gears of War is a game that has been selling for the 360 for 3 months now and that is very good for Ubisoft. Obviously when they release GRAW 2 the install base for Xbox 360 will be much larger than it was when GRAW launched and Gears is hugely responsibility for this. I mean, thank you Epic - thanks to them there is maybe 10 million Xbox 360 consoles out there so it's good for us, we'll be benefiting from a much larger userbase.

Will single player keep me busy this time?

According to the US mag Game Informer , the story will be played out over 72 hours and the tactical action will be set along the US and Mexico border.



Key New Features - Thanks to

Groundbreaking Visual Experience: The war zone in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter comes to life as you navigate through trash-strewn streets and pick off enemies from behind bomb-scarred structures. The cutting-edge physics and particle systems will show you some of the most intense and realistic explosions, smoke, and environment destruction ever seen in a video game. Dynamic lighting and shadows will morph as real-time day/night cycles and a constantly changing weather system require you to adjust to the changing conditions on the fly.
All-New Battlegrounds: For the first time ever, the Ghosts will defend U.S. soil from a cross-border attack, taking the fight to all-new locations. The Ghosts will battle enemies in mountain terrains, barren deserts and even on their home turf in El Paso, Texas. Each environment presents its own benefits and challenges and will call for fresh tactical approaches.
Vastly Improved Artificial Intelligence (AI): Watch your back as rebels send their own team members to flank your position or gain vantage points by utilizing vertical gameplay to pick you off from the rooftops above. Improved squad-mate AI will now feed you more of the information you need with descriptive commands like “enemy spotted behind red truck ahead.”
Improved Cross-Com: The revolutionary new Cross-Com 2.0 will give the player more information than ever before. You will be able to see what your friendly forces see in the top left display and the click of a button will expand that to full-screen view for a clearer and more precise picture. This will give you a more comprehensive view of the entire battlefield. The new Full Command View will allow unprecedented precision in developing and issuing tactical plans on the battlefield.
Expanded Support: Command lethal air strikes with jet fighters, gain mobile cover for otherwise impassable situations and replenish armaments on the battlefield using an unmanned artillery MULE. Players can now heal their team on the battlefield, including squad leader Scott Mitchell, with an all-new Medic class of soldier.


Military Tactical Action: The Basic Rules - Thanks to HANDLEBARS

Recon: The Enhanced Reality Display system, including the 3D map, is designed to help the Ghost leader spot enemies and keep track of his squad and allied support locations.

Cover: When in unsecured areas, especially during military operations in urban terrain, a Ghost must keeo the lowest possible profile. Taking cover behind objects and around corners is the best way to spot te enemy first and engage in combat from safer positions.

Order: The Ghost squad and all other available supports are crucial. If managed and ordered properly, they give the Ghost leader recon capacities and firepower that help him survive in hostile terrain.

Assault: When in combat, a Ghost leader must make use of frag and smoke grenades in order to make his way toward enemy positions and must try to flank these positions when possible. Fleeing combat and flanking from side paths is always an option.











Official Website

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2



Faq Made January 23, 2007 by Xx YuNg On3 xX



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