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Sig showcase

Here is a view of all sigs i have made, if you are interested I'd be happy to put your name where mines is rite now for a small fee.

Remember to compress the files better, otherwise you'll be getting lots of people in trouble for having large sigs against the rules.

EDIT: under 50Kb!
What do you mean by that, like lenght or memory it takes up like Megabytes or w.e.
I think he ment that the memory is too big, why don't you convert them to .png and check wether the size has gotten smaller.

They look really nice but I am not interested at the moment.
man dont take this to harshly but ure not that good, i would take work like that for free not paid, to condense simply means to open them in watever program u use (prolly photoshop) and save them as lower quality so they are under 50kbs and go to to get some tuts, u need em.

as i said dont take it personally as i believe you have some tallent but u need to refine your skills.
Captain Fertile
_Jak_ wrote:
man dont take this to harshly but ure not that good...

Wow! That was right to the point! Shocked

I thought as couple of them were really good from the perspective of someone who knows little about how they were made (the Doughboy and the Car one stuck in my mind).

Better than anything I could come up with so I am sure people would be willing to pay for the talents he has.

You were right of course to say he shows promise, as someone who does this kind of thing very well yourself such praise should be welcomed. I know you weren't ripping into him, you made that clear in your post it just made me do a double take when I read your first line (I'm such a sensitive soul). Smile
Sad Na lol I'll live i know i'm not that good but I can try harder if i want i just dont. Very Happy
Captain Fertile
gh0strec0n_legit wrote:
Sad Na lol I'll live... Very Happy

GREAT philosophy mate - if only I could remember that it would prevent me getting stressed over dumb things.

I really liked some of the sigs.
Yea im a very mellow person just living life lol
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