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wap phone

Is it just me, or does anyone else think WAP phones are a waste of time..... Whats the point when 3G phones (with full HTML and plugin capabiliy (Flash on your mobile - yes!!!) is already out anyway. although my country havent got it yet.

I say down with .wml markup language, it's just too crap for me.

K, I've finished ranting now, sorry...
Yes, it is probably useless...I don't think that it will continue to be develped... Why would anyone use wap, when they will have the normal Internet???
Anyone who currently invests on wap, is just wasting his money...
I was an addicted WAP user but It is too expensive in my country so I've decided to not use it.
The features in the WAP are really "limited".Actually I've tried to found a WAP site for mobile phones;but It was so boring and really means wating time!It only features simple graphics,limited downloads,low speed etc...Now in my country GSM operators only support EDGE!
And yes third genaration(3G) of mobile phones will help us;my sister got it a month ago and thinks that's great.
But Wikipedia refers some Issues:
Even though 3G has successfully been introduced to European and Asian mobile users, there are some issues that are debated by 3G providers and users:

* High input fees for the 3G service licenses
* Great differences in the licensing terms
* Current high debt of many telecommunication companies, making it more of a challenge to build the necessary infrastructure for 3G
* Member State support to the financially troubled operators
* Health aspects of the effects of electromagnetic waves
* Expense and bulk of 3G phones
* Lack of 2G mobile user buy-in for 3G wireless service
* Lack of coverage because it is still new service
* High prices of 3G mobile services in some countries, including Internet access

I hope they will find a solution to filter electromagnetic waves...
Normally I think wap is just expensive and a waste of time, however a couple of years ago - because of a problem with the network, my sim card or my phone, I would get WAP for free, So most days I would spend hours in class reading the news, downloading ringtones and doing stuff like that. I think I filled up my phones memory with 350+ polyphonic ringtones. It was quite helpful, especially being able to read the news and weather anywhere i happened to, being able to google things or go onto online dictionaries.
I don't care for wap. I have a PALM pilot with WIFI and bluetooth etc; and I do notice quite a few of the major sites redirect me to the wap site, and that I do not like.

They lack information and lack the high number of quality pages on the net. You lose out with WAP, so I say don't buy it, unless you have a WIFI phone and don't have to pay for it.
I have wap on my phone but I rarely use it.
The only times I use it is when I'm on vacation when there's not a computer soul to be found.
I can be really convenient at times Laughing
i get my daily news on my WAP phone. it's useful
Well, maybe that it seems useless today... but it's gonna be the standard for ne thext few years...
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