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The history of Microsofts O/S

It here at last the new operating system from windows.
Its come to take over the now 6 year old XP.
Ok i am gonna share with you all a bit of experience Ive had with windows and there various o/s

Ok first off was for me Windows 98:

I stable release and Very capable of playing any software as long as you helped it a bit.
I can remember installing was a bit of a problem with 98,it always used to ask help to find various drivers.In the end I always sent it to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder and that seems to work nearly all the time.apart from that small thing there was also a problem the Kernel32.dll Errors cant quite remember but I think it was when you made a restart it made this error and requested or said something about the Kernel32.dll

Windows 98 was stable but looked not to friendly


Windows Millennium Edition

The Windows me came installed on our old P3 it was a visual treat compared to the Grey scale 98.But it has its floors.It was very unstable system one of the worst Microsoft has every made.Once a program had stopped responding the o/s would freeze, then you had no choise but to press that reset button this happened too much,it was a pain!
Me looked very nice but under the hood it felt like a beta version from MS I cant believe they even released this piece of crap software!

98 was a lot better


Windows 2000 Professional

Now this was a refreshing change it had the look of the stable 98 but under the hood.It is part of the Microsoft Windows NT line of operating systems.2000 was a graphical and business-oriented operating system
Very stable but never the less not too fun to use.


Windows XP

First of all the lack of support was the main problem for a lot of people.It seems like hardware just didn't want to run with this o/s.
After a couple of service packs later it seems xp was here to stay and it won the hearts of everyone.
Windows xp is the first consumer-oriented operating system produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture which meant under the hood very stable and visually very pleasing to work with.
Probably the best o/s from Microsoft at the moment.


Windows Vista

This operating system was released only last month so its difficult to really
judge it to well.I installed it on my Pentium 3 1 ghz well it works,it seemed to have slowed the whole system down a bit being a very graphical o/s you really need a middle class pc which has been brought in the last 2 years to run it efficiently.
It looks great and it fun to play around with,BUT remember its just the o/s its not a game!
{name here}
All operating systems with the 9x kernel are quite unstable(95, 98, & ME). However, the NT kernel used in NT, 2000, XP, and Vista, is just about as good as a Unix-like kernel, though slightly under par. All of the Windows OSes were given a similar feel with the exception of Vista.
I used Windows dating back to Windows 95, and ever since then, the OS has changed in so many ways. One way that Windows XP can differ from Windows 95, is that since it was built around the Windows NT kernel, it hardly ever crashes. If it freezes, wait a minute or two and it would basically unfreeze itself. I remember when I had Windows 95, when it froze, so did the mouse, so did the keyboard, in simple terms, you HAD to restart. When Windows XP first came out and those error messages popped up, as soon as u wanted to install hardware, saying that it has not passed Windows testing, that was bit of a pain. But now to this current date after the several fixes, I grew fond of Windows XP. As for Windows Vista, I will not be getting that anytime soon, maybe wait a couple of months and see how it goes.
I used MS OS since the windows 95 times was good change from black and white DOS screen , switched to 98 felt even better with more features stuck to it untill i switched to XP . XP was a major improvement above the other two i loved it. I give MS the credit of keeping it simple and aiding my interest in computers.

But over the time i have grown and so has Linux [Smile]...and realized how much pain MS is...... Now linux is the way to go [Very Happy] ...just that i HAVE TO use MS Windows at office .....Otherwise Windows is over for me
{name here}
Unfortunately I've never owned a computer with hardware that is fully compatible with Linux(actually Slackware did have full compatibility but its only 32-bit and I want to take advantage of my 2 AMD64s. Solaris took advantage but it didn't support some of my hardware.).
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