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about vista

im back onto the wanting a better pc thing again and now im wondering, once I get the new RAM should I then purchase the windows Vista upgrade? It looks sex and I want it now but some people are sounding a bit sceptical about it, I dont mean the OS X thing but stuff like they've made obvious screw ups in some places. Tommorow they will finally have more RAM in the shop and I need to ask these few questions to all you smart computer people out there:

[*]If my PC says max RAM is 2gb but says its 1gb could it be because I already have 512mb RAM and you cant have two separate amount in the banks (confusing question)
[*]Does my video cards RAM count toward my RAM limit?
[*]how noticable will the difference between 358mb and 1/2gb RAM be?
[*]Is the Vista upgrade really worth it?
[*]Other comments on vista so I can see what people think

[*]Bonus Question: In media center is it possible to use the SCART adapters on my tv card to play/watch xbox 360 on the tv?
the-geek wrote:

  1. If my PC says max RAM is 2gb but says its 1gb could it be because I already have 512mb RAM and you cant have two separate amount in the banks (confusing question)

Always check your computer manufacturers manual instead of relying on Crucial's website. Crucial makes a good RAM but I'm not sure how reliable there information is regarding memory and RAM slots on your motherboard.

[*]Does my video cards RAM count toward my RAM limit?

No. Your video card RAM is separate from your memory. Unless you have an onboard videocard which then shares memory the system memory.

[*]how noticable will the difference between 358mb and 1/2gb RAM be?

There will be a huge difference. You will notice load times have shortened and increased performance.
[*]Is the Vista upgrade really worth it?

For me, I'm unsure as I haven't really looked into Vista as of yet.
If you can get an OEM copy of Vista from a computer store (with the purchase of hardware - perhaps RAM counts), then I would get the OEM full version. Where I live, the OEM full version of Vista - any flavour - is the same price as its upgrade counterpart in the retail stores like Best Buy. ie. Best Buy is selling the Vista Home Basic upgrade for $119, and one of the local PC shops is selling the OEM full version for $119 (with the purchase of hardware). I want to buy a new hard drive in the next few month, and if I had the extra money iwould get Vista too; but I want Home Premium or Ultimate. Those are a bit more (OEM Full version of Premium is $199 and Ultimate is $249). At the same time I want to wait a year of so before switching.
I would suggest waiting a little before upgrading. Let all the hackers have at it for a bit. Some of the most apparent security holes are found in the first year and patched via the first service pack Microsoft releases. Normally, thats a great time to jump on the new windows bandwagon and give it a go.
Hi All

Well I was running a dual boot with vista and XP for awhile but have been really impressed with vista and have removed the XP so that I am now only running Vista.
And as to waiting until the hackers have had a go at it first, I believ that now while vista is still new and thus less hackers with the knowledge to hack it is the safest time to use it.

Besides software is meant to be used fresh before everything becomes canned solutions.

rather than checking a website for how much RAM you have, check directly on ur PC by going to Start->Run->dxdiag.exe and then click OK. and yes, new generation GPUs do share memory with ur RAM. i don't knw if all of them do but my one does. i have an ATI Radeon X550 and it has an effective memory size of 512MB.

i would stick to XP for now. give vista some time to become stable. it isn't as perfect as microsoft says it is. and 2GB is off course good enough for installing vista.
I think it was really worth it to upgrade to Vista, from XP to Vista Beta, and from Vista Beta, to Vista. The vista upgrade solved a lot of compatiblity issues for me and was very smooth. Also, the switch from xp was a great expierience
Well i personally don't have windows VISTA but if I were you i would wait.


Well at first when an Game comes out, you know automatically there will be mess-ups. So whats different with vista?

My friend has it and is using Windows 2000 ATM because the CD was "corrupt" And it erased 100% of his files and gave him that ugly look. + He kept getting errors about his graphics card and sound card.

So personally i say wait a few more months until you use your hard earned money for it. It may seem like Its not worth the wait, but trust me if you get errors you will wish you did wait..
Now I am using ie7 to view your post and reply it under the Vista environment.
In my view,I like Vista very much,because it show me a nice appearance(By Areo) and some useful function,as some of hardware can not work well on Vista,But Vista will instead XP at last,To my surprise Vista does better on the hardware drivers search,My computer produced by Lenovo in China,I add 3 HDD and 2 Memories, After I install Vista by using the default selection,All of the hardware can be recognized,if i want to connect my mobilephone,but i lose my driver CD,Vista can also help me to find it,At last,I show you some Picture of the Vista running on my computer

Just a quick note..I'm sure that you already know, but Vista will not install with 358M ram. There is a hard block on 384M ram (any less than 384M and Vista will refuse to install)

If you need to upgrade your ram anyway, I would really suggest getting 1G. 512M will run Vista, but 1G will be much better.
yeah, 1gb of ram is enough for vista. but it has to see your processor speed, graphic as well. anyway, you can check it on internet that check did you computer pass for the vista minimum requirement. i had vista in my pc and the lowest index is my ram Sad 2.9 but it still ok. everything works fine. after you install vista, ckeck the hardware index. the higher index you got, the better for vista.
Since your other questions are already answered. I have vista. The GUI is nice, but Vista lacks drivers and has issues with even some windows XP software. I went ahead and reinstalled XP on my computer until vista becomes more popular since microsoft is trying to force it on people. For example I go to their website to update my Windows XP because on the fresh install it is still running SP1 and I get like 10 ads telling me Try Vista Adviser. You should consider upgrading to vista. Vista is so much better then what you have now.

O, You will also need a high end graphics card. Nothing big but it has to be a little special. I would guess something like a nVidia FX5200 or ATI 9800 would do fine. I run a nVidia 7900 so I'm not sure of the minimum requirements.
For vista definitely have AT LEAST 1GB of RAM and no less. If you plan on running Aero, make sure that your graphics card is at least a low end 7series card from Nvidia or one of the mid-range X1x00 or X1x50 cards from ATI. I have 2GB of RAM and an X1400 on the machine I'm running right now and thought I am not currently running it, I have run Vista before with Aero and it runs just as fast as XP does. If you plan on running XP, 512MB is the least you want to have installed. If you plan on using less install win2k, it only needs like 64mb of RAM. If you plan on gaming under XP i recommend 1GB of RAM to run most current games as well as nothing lower than a low end 7series Nvidia Card or mid range ATI X series card.
What is the best OS?
My Realtek Onboard Audio card has problems with Windows Vista. Firstly, Vista doesn't have native support for this device, which means it will not recognise it until u install the Vista driver available frm Realtek. Aft tt, the sound produced is distorted, and I had to plug my speakers into the headphone jack instead to get it work properly. Other than this problem, everything works fine under Vista.
Hi. I asked almost the same question as your. I was advised by one of the respondents to use the hardware assessment tool from microsoft. its gonna tell you what things you need to install or if your PC is Vista Ready. here is the link:

good luck.
well for anyone wanting to update tovista the home Premium is better then the Ultimate if you are woried about bing compatible xpsoftware hardware althoughif you want more avanced fechers like remot acess and other stuff thenyouhave togo Ultimate ware but youproblyhave to get allnew softwar andmaybe hard wareif yourhardwareismore then 2 years old.
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