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Early in the moring

I have to get rid of something here now. I HATE those early mornings. I don't know about all of you but sometimes it's just too hard to get up. I mean 5:45 is simply too early. epecially in winter (if this is what you call a winter...) Its pitch dark my eyes are sort of still closed when I get into the shower. And - seriously - if I had the energy I would be the one smashing everything up on my way to the bathroom, just because I'm so annoyed about the alarm going off... But well, in this house everything is allowed at that time of the day. If the kids are shouting at me first thing, well, its early. If my wife can't find her towel, well it's early in the morning and if I sit down here and write the most silly post I've ever written, well... it's early in the morning...
Don't get me wrong.. it's not like that ALL the time, but at the moment with the weather being crappy and it being so dark, well...
So much for now, maybe I will be feeling better in a couple of hours after another 20 cups of coffee... Crying or Very sad
That is why I work the night and afternoon shifts. I can stay up until six or seven. Sleep until about noon and then go into work until nine. May not be the best, but it works for me.

Hell, I prefer the winter if only because I can actually sleep when it is still dark out that late. No sun peeking through my blinds to tell me it is bed time.

hmmm I can understand. Most of my tution classes so far have been scheduled early in the morning. In fact those tutions made me hate mornings.
This reminds me of afternoon tea..
I've set the alarm to wake me up in 5.30AM in the morning, so I can "have 10 more minutes" and wake up at 6.30AM...

But still...almost everyday i feel like skipping work/school

But normally I can get myself ready in about 45 minutes anyway...
i used to be a morning person, but not anymore. in fact, mornings are WHEN I sleep. Razz

gotta get back the habit of sleeping on time at night. i'm looking old for my age! Confused
Getting up in the morning is so difficult. I always tell myself that I'm going to go to bed early but I always end up staying up a hour later. I've starting sleeping through my alarm lately so I really need to start going to bed earlier.
I really hate waking up early whether its for work or school it still sux bigtime. What I hate more than waking up early tho its night after night w/o sleep during finals.
Yeah early mornings are sooo bad.
Especially after 6 weeks of getting up at 10:30 or later then the first morning of school my dad comes in to my room and wakes me at 5 for no reason...i mean, i dont even have to get up till quarter to 8 for school and he woke me at 5 Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Ill get him one day though Very Happy
I would really liek to sleep some time...
I sleep about 7 hours a day... Sad
I NEED MORE F**King time...
i suppose that i could stop everything and make a new begining, with something that will allow me to sleep more and have more free time...
slchap5 wrote:
early mornings suck. but i find that the earlier i keep getting up the better i feel during the day. Plus i get up to swim 3 miles ecery day, that helps.

Hello slchap5
Where do you work on an island?
Makes my smile a bit reading this,he/she swims three miles every day!
Is that one and half miles each way?
I love mornings, they are awesome. Sleeping in is such a waste of time. Why would someone rather lay in bed like a lifeless lump of nothing, when you can get up and do fun stuff, or get some work done, or do anything. Nighttime is when you are supposed to sleep (even though few people do) not in the morning. I usually go to bed around 9-10, and get up around 6-7. It was Ben Franklin that said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". I guess that makes me healthy, wealthy and wise.
That pretty much summarized my life. By 9am or so, I'm in a good mood already.

I hate waking up early in the winter because it's so cold. Then I have to shower, and it gets even colder. Sad
its a hassle to wake up in the morning because its so cold and im always disorientated. >_>

i have to wake up at 5:30 every morning and usually its 17-23 degrees outside and windy, which lowers the temp even more. a coat inside a trench coat doesnt even help. not to mention having to sit on a bus for over an hour. irks me a bit.
Wow, 5:45 AM? 8 AM is too early for me. I can't imagine having to get up at 5 every day. I feel bad for you guys.

I'm going to go take a nap in your honor.
LOL. Even 10 AM is too early for me. I also prefer working late.

My Work timings will be from 11 AM to 8 PM.
believe me or not !!!


i wake up @ 4:30 PM

been a really long time seen morning...
n ur talking about early in da morning... Laughing
My response to early morning: no. Just no. I just don't do that. The earliest I get up nowadays is 8 AM for classes on Monday Wednesday and Friday. The earliest I've EVER gotten up was 4 AM ish for a marching band trip to a place 4 hours away that we started marching at about 9 AM. Weekends, however, I thoroughly try to avoid waking up before 10 AM. Actually, I'm pretty good at avoiding it by simply sleeping. Even if I have an alarm, I avoid it. I either forget to set it, fall asleep before setting it, turn it off in my sleep, the power goes out overnight, the alarm gets confused and forgets what time it is, and I simply sleep through it (all of which has happened).
I used to love waking up in the morning as early as 4:00 am just to have a jog for an hour. Then, i'll play basketball... around 6, i'll take my breakfast then go for gardening, take a bath and go to work... that's been my usual routine...
When I didn't had late night, I wake up early to see the sunrise. It's really set my mood good for the rest of the day.

Too bad, got a lot of things to do for a project so have no time to wake early like I used to. Crying or Very sad
I'm in complete agreement! Mornings suck. Whenever there is a large school vacation, or a large amount of time off from school, I find myself becoming nocturnal. I go to bed at 5 or 6 in the morning and wake up around noon. That's the life!
I usually get my two hours of sleep between 2am & 4am. When I do sleep in til around 7 am, I feel like I have lost most of the day. Sun rises are great, even in winter.

Yes, I know I should be getting more sleep. You try telling my brain to shut down! It ain't easy.
Wow... many of you guys go to bed late..
I want to wake up late but....
Captain Fertile
When I was a chef I used to work split shifts so during the weeks I worked the breakfast shifts my ours where:

6am - 10am then back at work 6pm - 10pm

Being a workaholic I used to work an hour before and after my start and finsih times so this meant starting work at 5am (woke at 4am) and finishing the night at 11pm (sleep by midnight if I was lucky and wound down in time). I was then back up at 4am the next day. I used to have to sleep during the day if I could - those shifts SUCKED!
Oh, I am in China my hometown right now, you know, the new year festival, everybody play the fireworks and firecracker.

These days, I don't know why, some children waked up very early -- outside was still dark, everybody else are sleeping. I woke up -- because I can heard those children laughing and play firecracker, in, maybe around 6:00 AM.

This situation has been lasted for a week. and I, like you, can not gain a better sleep too.
Ray Gravin
Geesh people thank I'm getting up to early when I tell them I get up at 7:00 am. I was trying to get up earlier but I couldn't get into the swing of it. Anything before 6 is just unnatural.
I get up at 7ish to get ready for my day.... but i usually set my alarm for 6 am, then hit snooze a few before getting up BECAUSE IM LAZY!
im used to get up on 5 am in the morning since i have to take a early morning pray to remember my god and take a bath to go to work at 6 am and arrive in the office about 7.30.

get up in the morning is so healthy for me.
Agreed that waking up early is impossible.

I will try not to if possible, and as it is a vacation for me now, I turn in "quite early"(which I mean 4-5 in the morning) and wake up late in the afternoon.

It is a lifestyle I enjoy in, but really, trust me, waking up in the afternoon is indeed more tired than you get up in the morning.
don't know who invented mornings but its one of the worst inventions of all time. I just hate waking up early on no matter what for
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