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Why do you like ANIME? - LOL

Why do you like ANIME?

I don't watch ANIME.
I want to know why people like it.. or what's cool with it.
I might want to try watching it someday,
what can you recommend?

maybe, is it depending on the story? or ... Wink
the9squad wrote:
Why do you like ANIME?

I don't watch ANIME.
I want to know why people like it.. or what's cool with it.
I might want to try watching it someday,
what can you recommend?

maybe, is it depending on the story? or ... Wink

I like anime for the same reason I like The Simpsons or Tom & Jerry. It entertains me. Then again, I also like dramas... and some anime are dramas. The thing is unlike The Simpsons or Tom & Jerry, anime usually have storylines and they eventually end.
For the same reason you like a show you watch. It can be funny, the character reminds you of someone, the plot, the actors(or in this case voice actors), or anything really.

Anime isn't just the same. It ranges from anything that is nothing, but comedy to a serious not to even adult films. All types of genres are adapted to anime. You just have to find the anime for you.

I LOVE anime since I was a kid!

Why I love it?

It's not your typical animation. It can be deep and mesmerizing and leaves a mark on your brain.

Its a partner of some parts of reality, making us part of the story. Its a whole new world of making us see the world in a different perspective. Very Happy

Great animation, great art and a well put together story line. Some cartoons are merely a series of discontinuous half hour segments. No real plot at all.
There are a number of reasons I love anime... But I'd have a hard time really explaining most of them.

My main one is that I just find the style (in general, I know there are thousands of different styles of art in anime) more aesthetically pleasing than some of the other animations I've seen. I like the fluidity that many anime are drawn with, and so many of the character designs are amazing.
I've been watching it for awhile and I sort of never get tired of it. Most people eventually grow up and stop watching cartoons but anime is different. I seem to watch it less and less but I never stop watching it completely. There is so much anime I still haven't seen and its impossible to watch it all. The stories are starting to become the same but there is usually one that rises up and seems to be good.
Anime has so many different variations to it; if you ever got bored of one then just simply go on with another. It's quality animation to it's finest, not to mention deep, involving storylines that may or may not keep you guessing until the end.

I'm an avid fan of Inuyasha. I used to watch it all the time. Back then all my usual TV shows were the same, had the same plot lines, the same gags and I could predict what was going to happen and when.

I can tell you that inuyasha through me for an absolute loop. After a while I started to guess what was going to happen next but to no avail. Sequences when I was sure of what was going to happen next ended up being completely different than what I thought it was. Some of the gags are a continounce (Sit!) (<- refers to a command which makes inuyasha do a face plant) but some aren't. Just something to think about.
I watch anime for a variety of reasons. Mainly, I love the deep, intricate storylines and the characters. In many animes, there is a lot of focus on plot and character development. It's interesting to watch how they eventually start to change.

Another reason is for the artwork. There are so many different styles of animation out there and lots of them are fantastic. When I first watched an anime called 'Ouran High School Host Club', I was amazed at how well the animation was. And most of it's hand-drawn too!
The primary reason I watch anime is for the depth of storyline and character development. Most American made cartoons severely lacked this. Most American made cartoons are episodic in nature and have very little long term story or character development. Its very sad.
When it comes to animation, I enjoy the evolution which it's taken to. It started out as cheaply animated quickly framed cartoons to get through the depression in Japan, but when you see it now, it's become more of an artform, and you don't just see it in one or two frames a second. When it comes down to it, there are very rarely any American cartoons which have the same kind of entertainment value as some anime today. There are certainly those like Samuri Jack and The Boondocks, which both certainly got their influences from anime. It really broke ground in American culture, but don't get me wrong, I don't think all anime is great. There are bad animes like there are bad live action American dramas. When it comes down to it, the only real difference between American live action and Japanese Anime, is just that. They're both conveying the storylines that came about in some guy's head maybe while he was playing on a jungle gym while he was a kid. It's the cultural medium through which these storylines are entertaining our brains with. It's kind of how internet enthusiasts and gamers like myself choose webcomics as our creative outlit, or "cultural medium."
I like anime due to the fact that it creates more of a story than most cartoons do nowadays. Anime tries to get you into the story. The artstyle is also something great also. The colors blend well to make it a serious tone or just wacky.
Some recommendations? Detective Conan is about a detective that is changed into a child. This anime is great for people who like mystery stories/movies. I also recommend Death Note because it is one of the better new anime with the theme of deadly words that are written. My last one I would recommend is Azumanga Diaoh. This anime is very funny and always suceeds at getting a laugh from you. Smile
I like anime because there is a enourmous choice of stories, and i can choose what i prefer. I like it because i can listen the anime while i do something other. And finally i like to see my mangas in animι, because i see my favorytes scenes in "real" Very Happy
Animes are pretty and colorful, and flashy, and they do cool poses in them. Cool poses are awesome and can really sell a show. And they fight, usually, and they gives their secret special attacks names like "special flying double dragon punch sword rain of doom, boom raaarghhghga!" And there's giant robots, and cat people, and swords, and the people are usually very pretty, and there's explosions, and it's all very entertaining. Bacon bacon bacon bacon.
Animation allows people to fully realize the vision they had in their head...where certain things done in animation are impossible to pull off convincingly (or inexpensively) with Live action and Cgi.

A good example would be Karas, the visuals in that movie are breathtaking (though the story makes little sense to me)

As for recommendations...
Ninja Scroll (the movie, the first not see the others)
Trigun (usually a staple of people new to anime)
Cowboy bebop.

If you like oddity and randomness then
Excel Saga (again, this is a very odd series)
Hmm. why?
Lots answer :
- It's entertain
- Lots of choice
- cute
- argghhh

If you ask me to recomended you to some of anime.. just search in [not] you could search for anime that maybe fit with your style Razz
Anime also has an ending unlike cartoons which seem to go on and on forever and really don't have a point or story.
i like anime because of its animation!!! what else???? story? same as others but much deeper in graphic design or something..
Many people have the idea that...

Anime = Cartoons (as in kiddy stuff)

However, although it's just animated drawings, the Japanese can create anime aimed for a larger age range. Some animes like "Pokemon" or "Card Captor Sakura" are aimed for kids, yeah, but there are others such as "Paranoia Agent", "Elfen Lied" or "Boogiepop Phantom" aimed for older audiences, like older teens or adults. Then there's the hentai genre, just for adults.

Every possible genre you can find on movies (drama, action, comedy, horror) can be found on anime. You just have to find the anime that suits your tastes.
great animation with really kawaaii sound of the characters...haha...
when you're a kid you like cartoons, but what do you like when you grow older? well, anime ofcourse Very Happy

I started watching anime when television really started to bug me with those damned reruns and commercials and channels that just suddendly vanished.

that time I was already growing a bit to old for cartoons, so when I found out about anime I was really excited Very Happy

with anime you've so many stories and genres, everything is possible and there's no limit.

But watching to much anime can be dangerous, you could turn into a Hikimori like me and stay cooped in your room for months watching anime XD you'll also lose interesting in television and will only like japanese music Laughing
Anime is likeable because it's more dynamic than ordinary cartoons. The stories are much better and matured and the graphics (depending on the anime) are usually quite nice. I love anime because it's like a reality away from reality. An added bonus is that I am QUITE interested in Japan and it helps me study Japanese.
i dont like anime at first. i only read manga. after i went oversea for study. i found that i cant get any manga there so i start trying anime. and rite now i m addicted to both anime n manga.
Anime is entertaining because, depending on the genre, it can be both silly and serious, hilarious and heartwarming (or heart-wrenching). It's also a great way to get to know the culture of Japan, or at least witness what sort of imagination the Japanese people have. Personally, I like anime with a good storyline and funny kicks; anything too serious should be live action (that's probably why I like shoujo manganime, LOL). But basically: yes, it's for entertainment. To pass away the time, and to have a good laugh every now and then.
I watch Anime because it's entertaining.
Simple enough.
Why is it entertaining?
It takes everything your favorite shows have and adds in the fact that the characters aren't limited by physics.

My personal recommendations?
A bit of a blood fest, but Elfen Lied is good.
Azumanga Daioh, like mentioned earlier is also good.
Funny and heart-warming.
My personal favorite is Trigun.
It was 1 of the very first ones I've watched and it got me hooked.
You get so enveloped in the characters and the plot.
If you liked Trigun, then checkout Black Cat.
It's pretty similar but different enough to still be entertaining.
The ordering is a bit messed up but The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is nice.
FLCL is 1 of my favorites too.
I could go on and on, but that should get you started.
Right now I'm currently watching Noir.
Good but it seemed to start off really slow.
Sure there's alot of action, but plotwise that's how it came across.
At least IMO.

For some good reviews, checkout THEMAnime.
I've found alot of good shows through that.

PS: Cute sig Sensei. Razz
I watch anime /read manga cos it has a hell lotta philosphys and morals and ethics etc also the arts pro and it beats reading a novel cos you can see the chars.
Well I have started watching Anime for fun and relax my self. So usually I prefer simple comedy Anime and Ecchi comedy. All Anime like To Love Ru, Love Hina, Umisho, zero no tsukaima, Full metel panic etc. I'm not a fan of those sad love stories.
at first i was watching it just for the fun of it xd, but then when i ran into some really good animes, i tracked the works from the same creator/author of that anime and so on
dude_xyx wrote:
Well I have started watching Anime for fun and relax my self. So usually I prefer simple comedy Anime and Ecchi comedy. All Anime like To Love Ru, Love Hina, Umisho, zero no tsukaima, Full metel panic etc. I'm not a fan of those sad love stories.

If you like those type of anime I think you'll like Rosario X Vampire or whatever it's called.
I agree with most of the people above, anime can also offer things that many types of entertainment can not offer. such as a view into a different culture (if your not from the far east) since they often refer to alien things that people from America or Europe have not seen before, for example the idea of death god's, while other cultures have them none are quite like the Japanese ones. Another example is that kids can save the world, which only anime seems to offer, realistically at least.
..anime is my escape of reality.. LOL
I wasn't interested in anime until I was introduced to a few by my friends some time back. I still remember that my first anime was "Hikaru no Go". Very interesting anime on the traditional board game, Go. Recently, I got hooked to "The Melacholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". High quality anime produced by Kyoto Animation.

Personally, what I like about anime is the creator's ability to constantly engage the audience and generate anticipation of what is coming up in the next episode. (I love anime with excellent plot!) Being able to make me laugh is another important aspect I enjoy about anime.
I've been an anime fan as long as I can remember... Anime is introduced early in our country and been popular longer than in america... The very first anime I've watch I think is Voltes V. That was in the early 90's when I'm about 5 or so

See how many anime I've finished just this year.

Arranged by airing season

FALL 2008

Gundam 00 s2
Skip Beat
To aru majutsu no Index
Akane iro somaru-saka

WINTER 2008-2009

Hajime no Ippo s2
Druaga s2
Asu no Yoichi


Higashi no Eden
Senjou no Valkyria
Natsu no Arashi
Hagane No Renkinjutsushi (FMA)
Slap-up Party
Koukaku No Regios
Hatsukoi Limited


Princess Lover

And don't ask for my whole list coz 1 post might not be enough haha! Laughing
i like anime because it helps me run away from the stress that the world has to offer
[/quote] If you like those type of anime I think you'll like Rosario X Vampire or whatever it's called.[/quote]

Thats only the anime the manga, on the other hand isn't eechi and is mostly fighting and has arcs. The manga's a lot betta.
The comedy, storyline, and naughtiness Laughing I love them all.
I Would recommend watching Bleach, Naruto, or other anime shows and try out drawing it for fun. I am currently doing the same and am doing pretty well so far!

Good Luck!
I love anime because of the humor, story, drawing, a little bit of "H"ness, and a lot of reasons. I love it since I started to understand human speech. Haha
belo-dc-laptop wrote:
I love anime because of the humor, story, drawing, a little bit of "H"ness, and a lot of reasons. I love it since I started to understand human speech. Haha

"H"ness huh.. Laughing *massive grin* Oh I see, you love H... Haruhi!
It makes me happy. It's a fantastical world to escape too when life gets dull or complicated. Plus, I like how engaging and exciting it is, especially when there's good plot (and bishies too Smile )
because all the draws are amazing
because , i love the Violence that Dragon Ball Z and Bleach have.

they should have UNCUT DVD releases you can buy
if you want to watch it or if you live in SEA (South east asia) on Animax Asia.
upenggsoc wrote:
..anime is my escape of reality.. LOL

i agree with ya.
because they are cute Smile
the9squad wrote:
Why do you like ANIME?

I don't watch ANIME.
I want to know why people like it.. or what's cool with it.
I might want to try watching it someday,
what can you recommend?

maybe, is it depending on the story? or ... Wink

I also like to watch anime because anime with entertainment and comedy include which all person like.
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