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Logitech OR Microsoft Keyboard?

Which keyboard manufacturer would you choose?
 87%  [ 7 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8

Which keyboard manufacturer would you choose overall? Would it be Logitech or Microsoft? I choose Logitech the best, when it comes to manufacturing electronics, Logitech has no competition. I have a Logitech Media Keyboard Elite which I have not used yet, but have read good reviews about it. Will post a reply once I use it and test it out.
I think both are the same. Microsoft does make some good ones, but most people assume that Logitech is better brand (because they make more electronic stuff).
I've used both, and they are both good, however, I would still choose Logitech. I tend to like their keyboards slightly more, especially their gaming keyboards. But still, Microsoft keyboards are fine.
I prefer Logitech. I have a Logitech G15, has backlighting, LCD, multimedia keys, lots of features. You can write programs that display on the LCD which is very useful. I also have a Logitech G7 cordless mouse which is pretty great. Logitech products can be pretty expensive, but they're usually worth it.
True silentdae, the reason why I did not get the Logitech G15, is because it is pretty expensive, I don't believe that I would buy one that's too expensive. I believe the LCD is indeed a wicked feature! The one I purchased was a really good price, which I am happy with Smile Nice style, sleek and stylish.
I would definatly go with Logitech. They make awesome equipment and don't let their users down. Microsoft probably has some stupid integrated software that checks for updates or checks to see if your copy of windows is a legal copy. I don't know if that is true or not but it wouldn't surprise me that's for sure.
Depends what you want it for. Logitech is a bit overpriced. Microsoft has really good quality. I like the split keyboards microsoft has.
I currently use Microsoft basic optical mouse, and works great for me. If you don't want much from your mouse(and play very little games), microsoft is better. I think that logitech makes better mice Razz, but for gamers mainly.
Logitech. They make things of a higher quality then Microsoft do, in my opinion.

Also, I was reading some junkmail the other day and I noticed that Logitech keyboards were "Certified for Windows Vista", whilst the Microsoft ones weren't Shocked

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go to the store and try them out. I have a logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse. the mouse no longer works and the keyboard is flaky, and it's only like 2 years old (for $200 i expect more!). I just bought my parents a microsoft keyboard and mouse combo, and it feels GREAT. the scroll is nice, th keyboard keys feel good. I am really thinking about getting it for myself. Its tough to say, so just go to a store and try them out. pretend to type, even though it feels funny. try the scroll wheel on the mouse, try everything. see if the feel of the mouse fits your hands. GOOD LUCK!
Logitech, unanimously.

They are unrivaled in terms of peripherals.
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