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i posted this as a respionce to a question in another topic, but just thought i qwould get your thoughts on it in here.

what do you thik of this?

my best one was aboyut three years ago:

i dreamt that i was in some factory which at the time meant tnohing to me and some guy came out witha wierd face, i said, hey? whats with thte wierd face? he answerd it was his normal face. so then i said sorry and that was it.

about a month ago now i went on a factory visit with my company, so sopmewherei had never been before. half way through the tour this guy comes out with a wierd face and in my head i went, god, whats with the funny face?

it was my dream.

Obviously, the spirits have it in for you. It only spells you doom.

Lol...sometimes, I just get the feeling that something has occured before -- I'm positive, except, it's never been dreamed before...
i think i must be a demi god or summit ^^
you are probably going to be abducted by mind-controling aliens from pluto. They are abducting humans because they are mad that pluto isn't a planet anymore and they have blamed YOU!

They planted a false memory in your brain and accessed it while you were asleep, imitating a dream. Then they secretly altered your life so that you WOULD go to some factory, where they could abduct and torture you. They have a wierd face because they are aliens from pluto!
But they are still planning on abducting you because thay havent abducted you yet have they?
Or in some hollywood movie plot twist : you are an alien using subliminal forum posting to try and control the Frihost community to bend to your every whim. I bet ou are slowly taking control of the human race and is going to convince the scientists to make pluto a planet again.

But yeah im sure thats is just a coincidence Surprised
I get dejá vous all the damn time lately. It gets so weird.
And it is always small and dumb stuff too. nothing useful like:
"I take a different route to work after seeing a red cat and find $50"
its always something like the stupid face thing.
i told dark knight to say they, but he doesntknw that i did
Captain Fertile
I have to admit I don't understand the thrust of this thread. I'm not sure exactly what is being discussed.

Are we discussing dejá vous because some of the posts appear a little surreal and disjointed. Confused

Please forgive my slowness at grasping what is being discussed.
I think this thread is where the pot smokers hang out.
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OMG this is too coincidental
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