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quake 3

Does anyone here play quake 3? or even quake 4? if so what mods do you play, and whats your alias?

I play quake 3 insta-freezetag and when i play quake4 i play q4max
I play Q3, but I only have the downloadable demo. I'm sure I can get the full game for free now that it's open-source, but I'm just to lazy.

When I play, I'm usually found in Tenacious D Time and i operate under any of the following aliases:
1) ^Zeus
2) ^God
3) ^Jesus
4) *This name has been me...due to somewhat explicit content*

I use the Sarge Krusade model, and everyone keeps bugging me to tell them how to get it. I refuse to disclose such information, though, so don't bother asking.

As an aside, bound keys are the best things ever in quake. I have many catch phrases bound, like "Nice Shootin' Tex", plus I have my k key set for suicide.
Well i do play quake occasionally with friends... its still fun and good time pass. I love cpma
I love Quake 3, 1 of my favourite 3 shooters easely.

Also played allot of Quake 1 & 2, never realy liked 4 tho.

You can find me playing in most games under the alias ->

[KGB]ThuG Cool
Duncan Idaho
I used to play Quake 3, I played as that one alien who you have to fight in some map named hellfire or something like that, I had a few excellents, but mainly gauntlets and rails, around %80 accuracy. (In other words, if I can sneak up on you, or if I can snipe you, you can expect to see gore Wink )
I used to play quake3 all the time. I kinda got away from it and went to UT2004. I dont like quake 4. Cool
I only play q3! pm me if u want to play vs me Very Happy
I loved that game! The pace, the style the perfectly balanced and quality weapons and some of the best multiplayer maps ever made. I could go on, but suffice to say that it dominated a lot of my free time.

UT 2004 has taken over though.
wow.. i didnt remembered that game.. quake 3.. very good game.. excelent for online.. i played the expansion pack.. team arena
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