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Windows XP help...

Hello everyone...
I am having some crazy problems with my PC... first off I got on it one morning and had the blue screen of death.
I reboted with the CD in and ran the recovery console...
I typed "chkdsk"
it scanned the disk and found errors bla bla bla...
repaired them.
I then booted back into windows...
it was VERY slow... the taskbar was gone completely not even the little bit you can grab... I even pushed the windows logo and nothing happened.
So... I put object dock on the computer so I could minimize stuff.

i finally got the taskbar back from the control panel.
the taskbar didn't work at all....
I'd minimize a window it would disapear.

It also changes the wallpaper when i reboot.

I can't drag icons.

? Is all of this related to one single problem?
do I need to reformat and reinstall? Sad

Thanks ahead of time.
Try running some antivirus software and see what you find.
Also download and install Adaware and Spybot They sometimes find things that antivirus software misses.
When was the last time you did a complete reformat and fresh install of windows?
I usually try to reformat annually, but that's just me. I always notice a difference after I'm done. Clean out all the crap I've installed throught the year that I'm not using anymore.
There are a lot of good sites you can google to help you do it if you haven't tried it before. If you haven't done it before, then print all the info out first so you don't miss any steps.
Make sure you have a backup of all your important files too before you start, and don't forget to backup your bookmarks and email addresses too.
I also did a registry scan it sound like 1,150 errors and fixed them i will do another virus scan.
hmm ,i think the best solution is to reformat the pc. because , like you are trying now , maybe you will be ably to solve the biggest problems you encounter , but you will put alot of time in it , and you are not shure you will ever get a good result. and second ,it is just repairing the errors , but there is a very big chance it will have made some unsolveble problems , and then you will have to work with a half working pc , after putting in all that time. so i think reformmatting is really the best solution to this problems , greetz
plz let something know what you did Smile
Delete all the programs that you don't use, clean the registry, scan for viruses with many fully updated programs, Defrag your hdd, and your computer will probably be ok again.(also delete any programs that you think that might have caused the problems, and if you really want them, reinstall them).

Formating everything and reinstalling them is the easy solution...
I used to format my computer all the time, but now, i am don't want to loseall the settings, and my workspace and everything, so i just make everything i ca nto avoid it.

Also: If you do format your HDD, after installing all the drivers, install Norton Ghost, and do a full backup, so that next time you need to format your computer, you will just run norton recovery...
Okay, thank you all for the replies Smile
I did the virus/adware/spyware/registry scan.
repaired all of that...
now im going to delete some programs and defrag.
*keeping you guys up to date*
oh if i have to format I will DEFINATELY be doing the norton ghost thing that sounds awesome.
Again, thanks for all the help.
Okay... I thought I'd post the solution to this crazy problem....
first off i listened to some metal to set the mood.
I scanned for virus,adware,and spyware.
I then opened registry mechanic and scanned and repaied over a thousand errors.
after that it still wasn't working. I inserted a windows xp pro disk and upgraded it from the home edition.
my disk drive on this computer sucks. It messed up several times and I just kept trying and it finally installed.
I booted back into windows everything was still on my desktop.
opened up my music folder. listened to more metal Very Happy
everything is working really smooth now...
Thanks for the help.
i had the same problem, i just repaired my system, it is now working properly. it is due to virus, if you install and clean virus it may delete svchost.exe and lass*.exe so that desktop icons may disappear with task bar.
your only making your computer worse when doing that... Deleting the programs isn't going to solve the problem. You might delete something that suppose to be on your computer. By the sounds of it you probably have some trojan on there. Not to mention tons of spyware and adware. I'm guessing beacuse you fiddle around more then you should of you probably made it more worse then what it was. You have 3 options

Try this program
Hijack This run the log then post it in here so I can look at it

Run this program to see if that doesn't take of care of the problem (Free)

and if you still have problems. Just wipe the whole hard drive start clean and re install your windows ;o)

Hope this helps gl
There might be a problem with explorer.exe, this controls the icons and taskbar. I recommend to e-mail Microsoft about this problem.
you can improve your system performance with simple techniques...there is a lot of reason for slowing your system, first you delete temporaty internet file and other temporary file, then remove all startup programmes by typing msconfig on the run. then increase your virtual memory, then defragment your system. then check for viruses.. then check for viruses.. then remove unwanted softwares from add/remove programmes. ok.. now your system will be perfect.

view event viewer.. you can easily find your system status from here..
most most most probably it is a loose ram problem...

open the cabinet and recheck that every cable is connected correctly ..including ram...or may be the hard disks....

i hope you have a good backup tho... Very Happy..

best luck..
if you wanna learn how to service your own computer, learn dos, and use old method to service your computer and i'm sure that nothing will going wrong unless that was hardware problems. if your system still slow after reformat or doing ghost thing, then check your hardware, temperature, especially your graphic card and harddisk. and make sure your drivers are install properly. for me, if a computer had such problems, i'll delete all the partition, make the whole computer zero then only i reinstall back everything.
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