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full flash website help

The Mitchell
right im trying to build a website that is made fully with flash. its a part of the media module on my course so im just following a tutorial online but trying to mod it for my own purpose. Its not a serious site that will ever be used as far as i am aware but it has to advertise a business etc.

Anyways my problem is this.

On the site there are 4 buttons at the top. When the mouse rolls over these buttons i want sub menus to slide in from the left hand side of the screen. Now i have set the sub menu for each of the 4 buttons on a different layer and im pretty sure that my mouseover codes are correct. each one is layed out with a piece of code as follows

so on mouseover for the home button the home submenu is played and the other submenus are reverted back to frame 1 where the menu is off screen. The problem is that when i play the video it looks like some of the other submenus are sliding in too making it illegible and generally just not what i want.
Anyway if anyone would possibly take a look at the files below for me i would be grateful of any help people could give me.
this problem is very easy to solve i think Smile its something which isnt mentioned in many tutorials . i guess , in the frames 1 , there is a stop command? and you want flash to stop those layers on frame 1 , until you call them in? well , then the solution is indeed very simple . instead of using gotoandPlay , use gotoandStop. let me know if this worked out or not , greetz
The Mitchell
excellent thank yo ill try that now
The Mitchell
You win. thank you. it did work and my site is starting to fairly take shape now Very Happy
muchos gracias. i may well be back in here with more questions as well i should have probably learned how to use flash before attempting a full website in it lol
The Mitchell
right ok next question. Is there a way in which each page of my site cane use a reference to text files. For example on my news page i would like to update it regularly but i dont want to have to edit the actual flash file. so i assume that in the flash file i would have to put a reference to some sort of text file which would be saved in the same folder and then the text will appear in the flash file.
good , well , first , dont expect this to be as simple as the gotoandstop solution Smile
but its indeed a good idea you think ahead , and be sure you can easely adapt your pages:)
now , for loading the text in from a txt file :
first of all , you will need a dynamic text field. you can create this inserting a normal text field , selecting it ,and then changing the option static to dynamic
dont forget to set it to multi-line(and maybe ad a scrollbar but this isnt nessecairy and it isnt that simple)
in the "var" window , you should give the textfield a certain (logical) name,we will use this later to refer. in this example i will call it content_text
also , dont forget to name the textfield like you would do to any object
then , the txt file were making:
in the txt file , you can type as many fields as you like , you just have to give them "names" we use for the loading in. this is done by placing the & sign before the variable name . an example of a simple text file would be :
&content=this is the content of this variable
then , make a layer , called actions.
on the first frame you type : loadVariablesNum("file.txt", 0); (with file.txt the file reference)
and now , to finish , we type : content_text=content;
now mention , the content varable we are referring to is loaded in from the txt file.
hope you find this usefull
let me know something
The Mitchell
right ok i have tried that script. i think a better explanation of what im trying to do is probably in order for this.

I want the page to load with simply the news page which will reference to the text file in my folder. On mouse over over the main menu bar the sub menu bars slide in. in each of the movie clips for the sub menus there is a layer of buttons above the submenu titles. These are referenced to a movie clip for the pages which include the short circly stretchy thing and then the page rolling in. there are various stop(); points at the end of each section of the video clip to seperate each page of the site so that when it plays a clip t stops when the page video comes to the end. The only page with text box content saved as a text file is the main news page. For some reason my sub menu buttons dont seem to work. The actual buttons are set to load at the end of the submenu movie clips. but they dont even seem to be there. I also seem to be getting error messages when i export but when i check the scripts it says are wrong im sure they should be right. If anyone could possibly take a look i would be so unbelievably grateful. Thanks so far stephan youve been a great help
i took a look at the fla file you provided , but i am afraid i'm not finding out how you are working.
first , i dont find your scipts:s
i guess u setted them in your buttons and movie clips, but then you willhave to tell me. and second , this isnt a very good way to do it. its better to make a layer called actions , and placing all scripting there , much easyer to find and adapt:)
so , plz , tell me where to find your scripting, and i will take another look Smile
The Mitchell
right okey doke.
thats the tutorial i used. i did it very similar to this. the main difference was instead of having the release button script over the main bar i created 4 more layers in scene 1. on each of these layers is one submenu movie clip. on mouse over each main menu item the corresponding submenu movie clip will has a buttpn placed on layer 2 above the place where the submenu text will stop. the script is on there for the pages.
i think that explains it although im not too sure. maybe im jumping in a litle soon.
ok , i took another look , and found your problem.
you have created the sub-menu objects as movieclips , not as buttons. now , this is a better way then using the buttons:)
now , the way to make em work:)
like i reffered to in my previous post , you can beter make 1 layer in your main , and name it actions ,and place all the code there.
now , for the buttons.
you make em work by:
home_mc.onRelease and then the normal stuff you would like it to do like you are doing now.
now , maybe you see how it works , but i will explain it. you give every object in your slide a name. now , instead of applying the code to your object , you can acces the object by name.action
you see how it works?
The Mitchell
thank you for your help but i think im gonna leave it for this project. i havent got the time nor the effort me thinks for this as ive only got a week before its in and a writup is needed yet Sad
thank you very much though. i know what im doing next time i think
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