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Any one like Magic?

Hi anybody like magic? People say it is a load of cr*p and is all trick of the mind but of course it is...

Magic aint real lol.. But what is real about magic is actually thinking how the f*ck did he/she do that? Applause

I am a magician myself and the one thing I enjoy about it is seeing the persons face after the trick. Coz they look at you in an alien kind of way lol..

So anybody got anything to say about magic Question Question

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I've been learning magic on and off for a few years and its really fun. I'm not all that great but learning how tricks are done is still cool. If you want a great resource for tricks is a great resource.
I tried. I was bad
Fodahh wrote:
I tried. I was bad

what happen?
Its great if u know magic .
You can fascinate someone.and you also fill nice looking at the people getting amazed by majic.I had tried my best to learn some magic tricks but i failed in it.It was not looking real like ,as what my friends told me.Though i learnt some magic with cards.Most important thing is that while learning magic you should carry out experiments with mirror to improve on reality
yeah i like magic. Its cool doing tricks and seeing the looks on peoples faces. " wow how'd he do that!".
I dont really practice regularly but i do do it occassionally. Its a good thing to do.
Does my username tell you anything? Haha I have been doing magic tricks for a long time now. I don't do much at the moment because of school but when I have an extra minute or two I will sometimes work on some tricks. I love the gratification of always knowing whats going on while the audience is clueless.
Magic is awesome... Very Happy

I don't personally practice magic but have several friends that do and I could watch for hours while they do it. Some of the stuff I know how it is done but some I don't so it is always a new experience. I really love going and seeing people like David Copperfield in person his show is magnigicant (sp?)
I love watching Penn and Teller, I think they're hilarious, they do neat tricks and I enjoy watching their explanations. Criss Angel is also pretty cool. I once bought a magic trick...and have learned the few party tricks one needs to know Razz I love watching it but I suck at it.
Magic, hmm.. I prefer call them trick ^^

I love it sometimes, when I had free time I watch some magic tricks in TV but not as my favourite show ^^
i like magic and everything connected to it! i can watch magicians for hours, thinking, how they put that white rabbit out of a black hat!!!

but... do you gues belive in magic as it is? i mean without work of our mind, without people who can make some fucuses? like Charmed do?
I like it, and love it.

I know also some card magic myself, but I have slow fingers so it's a bit of problem to do all those tricks. When you wach magicians they are so fast that the mind won't follow.

I can wach someone do the same trick over and over againand never figure anything out, I love to not know.
Yeah I like to watch it and do it sometimes. I have loads of DVDs, Books, eBooks and all stuff like that which are very good. I know lots of really cool tricks but I most like to do card ones. I can do the Balducci Levitation which is very easy, Criss Angel one he performs on his "Mindfreak" show and the Kings rising which is crap. It looks good for the camera but trying to perform it is very hard. I like to learn gamblers moves. There cool I think. I have got some stuff from and from all over the place so I can do tricks with no setup or anything. I know most David Blaines tricks which are extremely easy. Everyone should go out and purchase some magic tricks to keep it alive Very Happy
Magic is fun especially when it is done correctly. I personally like doing coin and card magic myself sometimes they are hard to pull off when people have seen you do it before. I still say that crap I just forgot his name. Oh The mindfreak guy he is really good has anyone else ever heard of him?
i love card tricks........
i see
Well, if you want to learn some really good magic, check out my site.
magic, isnt that a card game all the nerdie kids played in school?
I tried magic tricks and I sucked. XD

So I guess I'll stick to wathching and being amazed.

Though of course, I know most are ilussions but the technique never fails to amaze it. Smile
I subscribe to magic magazines: MAGIC & GENII. I also listen to the Go Magic Go podcast which I highly recommend! There is also a great Magic Hat UK website that I suggest.
i'm doing some simple magic as well but didn't put so much effort on it. anyway, i like to amaze people too... when the magic has been done perfectly, the'll see us like "wow" and they'll keep asking how u do that and sometime they seem to not believe on that but they can't figure it out how i did that.
I like doing little magic tricks for my friends! Smile It's fun having them get all confused! Very Happy Sometimes I feel bad for them cause it is pretty easy to "break" my friends, as I call it when they are confused and can't think right! Laughing But I'm not good at big tricks. My best friend is and she tries to teach me but I can't make it look real or as good as she does!
There are lots of great magic shows in Vegas. Some of the shows I've seen and recommend include: Rick Thomas at the Tropicana, Steve Wyric at the Aladdin Casino, Penn and Teller at the Rio, and Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo.

Penn and Teller cost over $100, but their show is worth it. Their show is both funny and amazing. I highly recommend it.
oh ya big time... esp like illusions from Criss Angel. I guess he is on every Saturday night for 2 shows and last night I was watching CSI and he played the bad guy but also showed 3 of his greatest illusions... pretty kewl

I would like to be there in person though... I do not see how he can do all this stuff if it is not faked some how. Anyone see him in person?

I also have not seem much of the famous guy... course I cant recall his name right now... make the effile tower dissappear, jumbo jet and etc...
i like magic, I want to learn some to make my friends happy
I like it. It's hard to be a magician
"Silly Rabit; Tricks are for kids..."

That's how I feel when It comes to Magic anymore.
I do enjoy movie-magic. But I'm never amused by the slight-of-hand
card tricks or stuff like that.

I'm too grown for it all.
i dont do magic nor do i know how to do it but whenever i think of magic or see someone doing it - its a great feeling lol... i was in new york few months ago and there is this toys-r-us store ther and they had someone doing magic tricks with cards and coins. dAMN! that magic tricks were awesome. i couldnt figure out how they did it...
I know some tricks, but do barely use them ever.. Just fun to know though, how things are done. I have always been facinated by it Very Happy
I do love magic and it always interests me. I really want to learn to do magic in term of simple magic trick. As I'm a teacher, then combining magic and teaching would be another way to make the class more interesting Smile
i like to watch and play magic, too. it's a wonderful experience when i can play a magic in front of other people sucessfully.
this make me feel contented!
this is my first topic on the magic matter on frihost.. and i waish i checked up on it.. there are so many threads..


If you guys want to learn magic then soon you can learn magic on my site... i will be giving tutorials on my tricks... (not for free of course)

ok guys keep posting.... Laughing
I do love magic..and recently I watched some videos from the internet which reveal how the magic was done...and sometimes I feel really unsatisfied because the magic is really simple..and see how it tricks my eyes and brain to think so...anyhow they are cool...and also the person who create the technique...they must be really some genius guy
I just love magic.Whenever i used to see magic shows in TV in my childhood,i considered the magicians to be men with extraordinary and heavenly powers which others did not have.After i grew up i started understanding the tricks and plays in magic.But even after i came to know the secrets behind some of the tricks or items the magicians perform i did not lose my interest in going to watch the magic shows.Because even now when i see the magic shows i go back to my childhood times and those fine nostalgic moments fill inside my mind.I still remember an incident which happened in my childhood time.If something had happened seriously i will not have written this post.What happened was that...When i was 9 years old a magician came to live in a house near to mine.And he was from whom i learned some of the magical tricks.And then on a fine day i went to the magician's house and found him asleep.My curiosity to all the magical instruments stacked in the room i started run around the room and i finally reached in a room where some swords,knives and some fire materials.I suddenly pulled out a sword and suddenly fire started blowing into the room through a pipe which was at the top of the room.Suddenly the magician came running hearing my cries and he put off the fire with some stuff he had brought with him.Many times i asked him what had happened and what magic was that,but he was not ready to answer me and he never said me what had happened and i still too dont know what had hapened.Even i had such odd experiences with magic,i still just love magic like anything...
Magic is awesome, though I do like fooling with my friend who is a magician. I can usually figure out how he does something or I like to mess him up.
oh cheers for that nivinjoy...

that was a nice post you made... dout you will ever forget that...

I love magic shows... And even tho i like the shows i still always try and work out how they did it...

Do Does any body like my site?
I'm getting a forum on it soon Very Happy

And Post more stories!

And my mates try and mess up my tricks but never sucseed... and then they go wow how did yo do that i messed up the trick!!!

And i love it when people say how do you do that.... and i get to say the magical words of "A magician never reveals his secrets" Laughing

P.S - This is my longest topic i have ever started
I had an real liking for magic a couple years ago (about 6 years ago). I loved the card tricks and stuff. I was pretty good at it I guess. Smile
i love magic but not really put effort on it because my times is limited. but at least i know some simple trick. but i wish to learn how david blaine doing his magic... it is quite awesome...
Well Guys...

My site is Fully set up now

I have a forum and much more.

cvkien wrote:
i love magic but not really put effort on it because my times is limited. but at least i know some simple trick. but i wish to learn how david blaine doing his magic... it is quite awesome...

I can do one of davids tricks with the aces...

I have videos Very Happy

I have been really busy atm so i havn't had time to record more vids
But sign up 2 my forum if you wish to chat about more magicial stuff...

Keep Posting
Very Happy
Magic is interesting! I know a couple of tricks... but I still suck.
I dabbled with magic tricks when I was younger. There was a class at the local rec center, where you could learn simple card tricks and prop tricks. It was fun, but I eventually grew out of it. The tricks we learned just seemed too juvenile and didn't have the same awe-inspiring effect that real tricks do.

I was in Edinburgh the other day, and as I walked down the Royal Mile I stopped to watch some of the street performers. There were some strange acts (one guy who swallowed lots of stuff, including razor blades), but there was also a street magician. He put on a great show, and his final trick was to have the crowd secure him in a straight jacket, tie him up with a metal chain, stand up on a ladder, and twist his way out of the straight jacket. It was a pretty impressive show, and I definitely enjoy a quality magic trick of that sort.

- Walkere
I recently saw a live magic show that was very entertaining. Some of the tricks have you scratching your head. If you have never been to a show, I would highly recommend it.

This is the show I saw:

Magic Beyond Belief
Relentless wrote:

I am a magician myself and the one thing I enjoy about it is seeing the persons face after the trick. Coz they look at you in an alien kind of way lol..

Surprised must be cool to be a magician!
And now many books and movies, etc are about magic, such as The Illusionist, The Prestige, and a book I read years ago called The Houdini Girl.
Magis is something that never out of fashion.
magic is gay
Magic when performed correctly is an awsome performance. I prefer the single closed format face to face magic .. it can blow you away. Some simple slight of hand tricks are great crowd pleasers and conversation starters.

I don't mind seeing some well performed magic tricks. I college I learned a few and performed they are equally fun to perform especially when it goes of without a hitch.

I'm still not sold on the Chris Angel, David Blaine TV magic there are just too many variables to make it unbelieveable through a TV camera, but when you see it face to face it is a completely different story.
I know few tricks, but the enough to make happy kids! Very Happy

My little cousins love when I make some tricks.
I like magic tricks (card and coin tricks, other illusions mostly; not the TV stuff -- I feel it's too easy to fake that) but I get frustrated not knowing how the magician does it. If I learn the "trick" of the trick, I find it to be a much more satisfying experience.

Of all the magicians on here, what is your favourite trick to perform? And are you willing to share your secrets of how it's done?
Are we talking magic or slight of hand here, the difference is quite gargantuan.
Magic do exist, but only if you'r are WITCH or WIZARD.

i've heard lots of stories about it actually i believe them myself.If you wantto become a magician then you'll have to be a witch or wizard, cause the powers behind this magic arefrom the dark side, i 'm talking about reall magic not some prackstars to jumps on stage to make every one amused. you don't learn how to be a magician you only learn how to become a trickstar which is what most people that cal themselves magicain are.
Crazy_Canuck wrote:
Of all the magicians on here, what is your favourite trick to perform? And are you willing to share your secrets of how it's done?

Well my favourite trick must be the Changing Colour Trick. And no I will not share this fantastic trick. I can do this trick many different ways to save it from getting boring to my audience.

*But another trick I also like is where I hand a card to a spectator. I then tell him/her to hold it tight. Then I take another card from the deck and show the spectator. Then I wave the card I just took from the deck and it magically turns into the card the spectator was holding and the card the spectator had turns into the card I had. And they are fascinated, because they where holding the card very tightly.

You can see these tricks at
*not on the site
I love performing! Just yesterday I made people gasp by using SPUN (make a coin float in the air, and then make it bend while floating). Magic is awesome if you use it right...

I have been performing for about two years now, and I am really good at card tricks especially.
i love magic so much and everytime i try to do advance magic but that is too hard and it takes time for me to train. but my problem is i don't have much free time to do that. anyway, i likes david blaine. he is cool. i always wonder how he doing such magic..
Trick of mind?????? Well thats not really magic dude.

I HAVE seen people who do real magic. I mean no tricks and all. All true....................
The other stuff can be dangerous. Magic & Illusion is much better. Laughing
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