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We're going to Cancun Mexico this year
What about everyone else
I am thinking about a tour by train through the mediterranian countries like Spain, Italy and Greece. Barcelona is one of the cities I definetely want to visit.
Captain Fertile
Well not quite as exotic but I'm taking the whole family to Butlins in Minehead, Somerset. We'll do the adventurous stuff once the kids are a bit older.

For now a good old fashioned British family holiday dodging the rain is great. Smile
Hopefully a bit of camping. Nothing too far, but getting out and away from the city is nice. I live near a small city and it gets annoying to see more steel than nature. Going camping is great. A nice fire. Some nature. Plenty of animals. Streams.

Damn I love New York for just that alone.

meet in rio
Cycling and traveling by barge from Amsterdam to Brussels, taking the train back to Amsterdam and then going home to England. Hooray.

Not too expensive, the Netherlands are wonderfully flat (cycling heaven!) and you get to see lots of different towns along the way. We did it in a circle round Holland last year.

Really looking forward to it. I've been doing an intensive German course this year, too, so perhaps I'll understand a little more Dutch than last time, when all I could say was 'spreekt u Engels?', 'ja', 'nee', 'dank u', and 'waar is het toilet, alstublieft?'!
This thursday my family and I are going to South Padre for the week. I have never been south of America but I do hope its great!
May 6th will be my 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise. My fiancee and I will have a balcony stateroom, eat great food, drink copious amounts of wine, and lose tons of money in the casino. Can't wait!! Cool
Good for you, Cancun is a good place Smile
kevin briggs
we are going to ibiza not to party and do all the night club and dance seen,but to have a relaxing holiday most parts of ibiza are very quiet.i think all the night clubs are in san antonio.
Huh... we were actually supposed to go to Vancouver for 43 days, but we won't. Right now we are searching where to go for approximatively 20 days. Think it'll be in the US eastern coast!
I'll be going to Poland in about a month, just for a week though. I can really use some vacation, school is frying my mind with all the homework Sad
I live in the US. Each summer I go to Sweden, and each winter to Colombia. During spring break I'm going nowhere.
I was told that Cancun in Mexico is very beautiful and good place spending holidays. Well our family will go there this winter.. but I'm not sure.. Laughing
frenchy wrote:
We're going to Cancun Mexico this year
What about everyone else

havnt been on holiday in 2 years... wont be this year either... 3 years runnin, damn! lucky every1 else goin away.. wish i was Confused
My parents were talking about going to Virginia Beach, VA this year for a bit, then taking a month to live in England and then travel to the surrounding countries. Im pretty excited to see what these places have to offer and I know I'm gonna enjoy it. I was also supposed to go to Ireland as a separate vaction during Christmas '06 but I guess my family is saving that for another day.
I have another 3 wwek stint with the USO visiting troops and performing for them coming up. It is fun and exhausting. Don't ask where we are going cause I don't know. Like last time, they tell us where we were after we had been there. Safer that way.
{name here}
If I get enough money I might able to go back to Poland again, but I don't go there as often as I used to...
Aready donr the Cancun bit, it was excellent. Gonna give Cuba a try this year, get out the shiny shoe's and salsa the night away, cant wait, roll on september.
I'm going to Tokyo on business, but hopefully I'll get some time to explore in a more holiday-esque fashion!
Mazal Tovv Wink
Hopefully I'll be heading over to france then onto Italy for a few weeks. I like to travel.
Me, I wont be travelling far, i will be having my summer vacation here in the Philippines.. Very Happy
cayman islands here...hopefully at least...assuming my girlfriend and i both manage to get enough days off from work Razz
Well, I'm off for week next week.. Me and my family are going down to florida for about 5 days. It's gonna be fricken great, lol...
No vacation for me!
I live here in the Philippines holidays are a year long experience (Festivities here and there).
Crying or Very sad my hoilday just passed. I didn't make full use of it and there is still a lot of places that I haven't visit yet. Guess it has to drag for a while more. Now, school reopens and that definitely sucks.
Well, I may be visiting Washington this summer.
frenchy wrote:
We're going to Cancun Mexico this year
What about everyone else

Hi all!
We're going to Croatia this year. I'm sure it's going to be sooooo nice Very Happy
I am from Denmark and we are going to drive in bus, so it's going to be a slowly way to Croatia, however I am sure it is a nice country, maybe with some good chicks Razz

Have some good holidays all of you!
i wish i can go ta any where has a bright blue colour of its sea..

i like to see a sea with no deep colour and also this place will not contain a lot of people .. i wanna a silent place
.. anywhere , just go and look and swimming ..
it's my favorite hobby..

and also i wanna go to the desert with less mountains.. in morning and night i wanna make a party and see the stars and enjoy ..

no crowded place is required Cool ... i wanna go far from all people just a while .. relaxation and enjoyment..
i'm waiting these dreams to be achieved .. and i'll till you Very Happy
I haven't been on a holiday/vacation since I graduated from high school three years ago (went to Cancun and Chichen Itza in Mexico then)... the closest I get is three days in a hotel in May every year for Anime Central. Which is kind of disappointing because it's not far from where I live and it ends up being more like spending the weekend at my sister's than a "holiday". Other than that I have no holiday plans. School and work keep me pretty busy... When I have days off school, I work, and I don't get "breaks" for vacations in between.

But someday I'm going to try to visit Russia or go back to Mexico, preferably within the next two years or so.
I'm planning on canoeing the Churchill River in Central Saskatchewan in Canada and visiting a music festival at Ness Creek nearby.

Probably gonna do some offroad biking this year too.
Unfortunately this year does not look like a year when we will be going much of any where for vacation... Sad about the most we might do this year is go out of state to visit with family and friends for a few days here and there but some times a few days is all that is needed to recharge and get back into the rat race of everything without being bored or what have you... Smile Weekend road trips are an awesome way to get away from it all and just relax and they work wonders.
I am going to Vegas this year, it will be very exciting.
I wont gamble while there though, at least i'll try not to.

I am going to Australia to go to the Australia Zoo, only because my mom little sisters want to go. I am only going because I am the only one who knows how to work the video camera and digital camera. Of course my mom wants to take a cruise over there but...... I am not to much for a up huge boat ride ever since i seen Titanic Shocked .
Oh.. That's wonderful plan for your holidays.
Cancun is one of the cities where I want to visit. I was told that there are beautiful scenes and great weather in Cancun.
I'm going to visit to some asian countries with my family for my holidays.
kevin briggs
its ibiza for me and my family,but not to the nightclub and dance capital, but to a smaller and more peacefull part of the island.but who knows maybe we will get to go club'n some night in the holiday and use the grandparents as babysitters
IF I get any time off this year I think I'll just sleep and get caught up on some projects that have been on hold for some time.
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