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I'm lovesick!

Ha, I usually get this for a few days if I like a guy, and I have several reasons to believe he likes me as well. I lose my appetite almost completely, and I've constantly got butterflies in my stomach. I'm experiencing it right now. It's a weird sensation, I don't know really how to describe it! To be honest, I'm not very eager to go out with someone or fall in love... I think maybe I'm too young for that!

Are there any other sufferers of love sickness out there? Laughing
those feelings are probably fleeting, and it's just an emotional high. how old are you? I've had some similar feelings, but I've also had them when i sense something bad happening, so for me I've noticed it's an emotional high. Just ride it out, and see if in a couple weeks you are still feeling the same way, if you don't think you are ready to date, then don't, that's the best way, so when you know you're ready, you haven't done something you will regret. I'm not ready to date anyone yet since me and my fiance split up. If you think you're too young, then you probably just aren't ready yet, listen to yourself and don't feel forced into anything, regardless of those emotions.
Well, I'm fourteen. I went out with a guy before, but it was pointless for me, he was a good friend and I didn't want to upset him, also he just lost his mother... I really didn't want to push him over the edge. Anyway, I really wasn't attracted to him in any way except his personality, that's why I was friends with him. But the other relationship didn't do anything for me. At least I got away and saved our friendship! But I think at my age, there is nothing really constructive you can talk about together, and we're changing all the time, really not the best time to get to know someone, in that way. I think I might spend my youth having fun and getting through my studies instead of going out with boys!
Thanks for the advice.
Smile One of the nicer posts that make one candidly smile. It is just so naturally written. To be honest, I am also new to ‘love sickness’, if there is really such term. I used to believe it’s the other way around. When you are infatuated, impressed or deeply attracted to someone, you tend to make your life revolve around in his/her image. Sometimes we call that inspiration. And I am surprised to know that such situation leads to ‘complete lost of appetite’ for some people. The usual way is to have better and greater appetite when one is inspired hence, the loss of appetite maybe usually considered as a sign of depression or, in a lesser degree, confusion. Smile

Maybe the ‘love sickness’ is brought about by your mixed emotion that your mind and heart are not in synch (synchronized) with each other brought about by, or similar to, uncertainties in how to act while having a sort-of confused feeling of guilt due to ‘fear’ of possible ‘falling in love’. Smile

At your age, I hope I am making some sense. Or else, I beg your pardon if I may cause shortcomings in explaining it in a way that will make you comfortable with the sincere authority of my words. But, I am assuring you, while you are experiencing butterflies in your stomach, I am pressing keys with a lot of smiles in my face now. Smile

I am smiling because I am starting to understand better the actuations of younger girls when they are around the guy(s) they have strong attraction or crush. I thought before they are just nuisance fanatism. Your post gives me a glance to some relevant realities by which I am able to understand some of the attitudes of young admirers. Smile

BlockUp, you are as normal as you can be. It is the transition stage in your age that makes everything seems ‘awkward’. But for some, including yourstruly, they are cool, cute and sweet. Errr, wait …saying that does not imply that I wish you to fall in love sooner. Though nobody can say, any moment from now you might experience it. And, it is a very interesting feeling when done with best intent. I am courting this line because I like to believe you when you said, ‘I think I might spend my youth having fun and getting through my studies instead of going out with boys’. I know and strongly believe, with that kind of attitude, you will succeed in your studies. But you don’t need to totally ignore that beautiful feeling, you can always make that special guy your inspiration in your studies. Let him know that he is inspiring you to succeed and wish it will stay that way until you are more prepared to handle your feelings. Smile

For the meantime, I hope and fervently wish that this post will make you avoid losing your appetite in any manner, moment and situation in the future. Think it this way, we here at Frihost don’t like you to get sick; while, cute guys don’t like malnourished girls either. So, set those butterflies in your stomach free. As innocent and pure as you are, let them fly to find their haven in gardens full of flowers instead of burps. Confused Laughing

Thanks for the naive idea and the chance to make a lighter post with a lot of smiles. Smile
The same thing is happend to me before a long time ago. It's normal at teenage years. It's a wonderfull filling but can cost you some troubles. I hope this boy realy likes you and will threat you nice. If you are scared of this feelings, maybe you have to do nothing about them and thay will pass away with the time. And last this is not the best way, but you can realy loose a lot of weight just having a butterflies in your stomach.
blue77 wrote:
And last this is not the best way, but you can realy loose a lot of weight just having a butterflies in your stomach.

Ha, yeah, I've noticed! It's convieniently useful to me now; I'm going skiing in a couple of months and I wouldn't mind losing a bit more weight before I go!
Love sickness is wonderful! Enjoy it! Go out with the boy! Have fun!

I have been love sick for quite a while now. 10 years maybe. Maybe not so sick anymore, but very much in love :)
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