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Microsoft Vista and something else...

windows vista has been finally released after a lot of delays. but i think an OS should be given more time before it can become overrated. a lot of ppl have told me to install the new OS but i think tht it should be given more time since all necessary drivers have not been released yet. i tried out has great looks and all but the same design principles apply as for all microsoft's OS.

now i hear tht microsoft is working on a new OS dubbed Microsoft Vienna. they say tht this OS will completely be overhauled in the looks department. like the saying goes 'wat comes around goes around' meaning tht microsoft started using the idea of GUI after apple first implemented it in their OS. so i get the feeling, microsoft will again try to borrow frm apple's doings.

as for vista being the most secure OS tht microsoft has made...the only thin i can say is tht time will tell all. windows XP might be a great OS but it has given us a lot of pain with all the security holes being discovered almost every month. i finally downloading all the updates tht microsoft has to offer for windows XP.
would tend to agree, my company is still using windows 2000!! So I doubt they will make any great leaps until Vista is tried and tested in the field.

As regards Vienna , dont see anything wrong with that a software company will always be working ahead on the next latest and greatest thing
I did beta testing for vista, and now have a new laptop with it installed on it (bought it just a few hours ago), and I have been waiting for it to be officially released, and I get a copy of Ultimate edition through a conference I'm going to, as well as Office 2007. I have to say I'm impressed with Vista. Mine has Home Premium on it, it's nice.
I am running Vista ultimate.......I have had no problems as of yet. Vista runs smoothly, and I also havent had any problem with drivers for anything yet.

I find the layout much different then took me a bit to find the "add/remove" programs in the control panel.

Overall I'm pleased with vista and will continue to use it. Cool
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