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How Many Guys Love to Post?


I need to know how many of you guys out there love to post just for time pass casue i do that most of the time and i am member of like over 50 forums and cant seem to remember my account names and psw for all. So , If i am the only dude here whu has gaming and posting as the hobby let me know by voting here . OR ofcourse posting for all you posting lovers.
This is so spammy, just look at our post counts and how long we have been here
I do love to post. A forum is a place where you can let out your feelings and thoughts and relax, refresh and recharge yourself. To me, the Frihost forums help me does exactly does that. Even though I am a member of some other forums, Frihost is the place where I love to come.
ha ha

spam spam spam
I do have a life man. The main reason I post on this one is to maintain my hosting, but overall the forums aren't that bad. I am a fan of particular fan sites or forums on certain subjects, not on everything like this site.

But I'd love to know why you'd post such a lame thread!
sathiyasri wrote:
cant seem to remember my account names and psw for all.

There are three things you could do about that:
1: Have your browser remember usernames and passwords
2: Set the various forums to log you in automatically
3: Use the same name and password everywhere (what I do)

Also, if you use #1 or #2, you should keep a back-up list of sites, names, and passwords in case you have to use a different computer.

Oh, and by the way, you should be able to tell that I enjoy posting here merely by the post count.
I hate to say this but, if all you do is sit at a computer and type away then you lead a sad, lonely life.

Don't get me wrong; if your active and a part of the community, have a job, go to college or belong to a gym *raises hand* then this is good stress relief. But to do this all the time would slowly suck the life out of you. I, personally, crave human-to-human interaction way to much to let this forum by wholely what I am most days.
Eclipse wrote:
I hate to say this but, if all you do is sit at a computer and type away then you lead a sad, lonely life.

This is the only way I can relate to humans without having to see them, be touched by them, smell them, et cetera. A sad, lonely life? Perhaps. But less sad and less lonely because of sitting at a computer and typing away.
Here:I basically just post here for fun and for my hosting account, but at the same time, I'm having fun doing it. I however, wouldn't have fun posting here just for fun because I could be somewhere else posting.

Oh I love to post on these forums! Basically to increase my Frih$ which I don't know what I'll do with Rolling Eyes
I like to write as many posts as possible on a forum. But i always *try* to not seem to "spammy". Even tho its hard.. Especialy on forums like this, where the posts makes you get points, and i love points... Well anyway, i dont use it as an hobby, just something to do when i'm bored and got nothing to do.
To be honest, I don't like posting on forums that much. I like reading them, but the posting I somewhat avoid
There's a password tracking program on Firefox if you are the only one using your computer. There is also a program called "My Passwords"... I don't know who made the program, but it's out there somewhere.

I find that I will be online sometime for an hour or two posting on one of 5 forums that I am on, then will not use a forum for a few weeks, or even months. I have 17 posts on the forum that I have had since November 2005. Two of those posts happened today.
There are forums that I am a member of, where I spend a lot of my time, and for the most part, if I have something to say about a topic, yes, I do post and enjoy doing so. I like the idea that we are able to communicate and voice our opinions to people all over the world and also get feedback as well.

What I do not enjoy thoughm, are the kids that think that they need to flame people everytime they make a post. Don't get me wrong here, there are quite a few people on the web that are just looking to get flamed, and I have been in quite a few flame wars... and sometimes they are all in fun... but it becomes personal when people make personal attacks on peoples families and such... If they stay to the topic, then it is all in good fun. Too bad some people can not accept defeat and need to feel that power of control and take it away from what the original point was.

But yes, I do enjoy posting, ecspecially when I have something to say about a specific topic, wether my input is good or bad, it is still input and allows others to perhaps see a different veiwpoint...
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