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letter to a teacher about me

Dear Mr. Storm my name is Amy. I was born in the private hospital in 1990. I am about 150-160cm tall and would like to disclose my weight due to personal reasons. I believe in Wicca and its pagan rituals. I believe in the old ways that every one used to use. The weird thing is that I believe in saving the planet or at least I would like to try and help the fact that the way we live today will harm our society tomorrow. I believe that today will go back in reality to tomorrows old ways. I believe that money is a killer and was the thing that made society it is today, it made the word “GREED”. If there was no money then it will be I do a job for you …. You return the favour. The special thing about me is that I will not refuse a challenge that is put on my path. I will give everything ago.

To be honest with and about my English is not only on paper but in speech I tend to use the wrong gramma, confuse people on what I am saying. In talking about this I wish to tell you that I do have a learning disability, I am currently trying my hardest to improve and beet this. My spelling in particular is the worst. I believe and can see my level would be between easy and moderate. Doing VCAL intermediate will be fun as I am going to complete, my goal to beat the English disability. I don’t work well with noise.

As a teacher I would like to see you just be a teacher. Relax and enjoy our class. Tell us what to do then let us get on with our work. This means all information, ask if we have questions, then when finished, let us do the handed task and don’t stop us when were in a middle of what we are doing. If I was writing a creative piece, and was interrupted then I will lose what I was do9ing and would have forgotten, Also will block my line of concentration. When I was in St Joes There was a lot of noise, I soon got head aches. Then I snuck my mp3 player in and I was fine. When I have shut out all conversations I can then work efficiently and work to a proper high standard, I did it and pulled my grades up high. I can’t concentrate without a beat.

I live with a family of four. My mum, dad, sister and I. Our family have four pets – a cat, a dog and 2 goldfish. I own the dog, mum has the cat and my sister owns the fish, my dad did own the bird, but let the poor thing die. My mum is an English and Re teacher at St Joes. My dad works at Sunraysia auto elects and is an auto electrician. My sister wants to be a marine biologist. My cat is a lazy selfish thing and my dog like to play sergeant and patrol the neighbour hood. You can laugh at that one! I don’t wish for more brothers and sisters no. My reason is my sister is perfect the way she is.

My mum and dad are cool but my sister can drive me absolute bonkers. Like you share your stuff with them but they just don’t return the favour. Like what’s up with that? Special things about my family are: My mums a English teacher at St Joes and she will help me in English essays and writing if I need the help. I have a very good relationship with my parents and they let me do what I want where I want as long as I have the 3 basics, friend’s acknowledgment and home by 12 midnight. I also have a friendship with my mum and can tell her anything that I want to tell her.

My skills I like to think are quiet unique
Physically – I go camping out to a family’s place on snaggy point Wentworth side. I sleep in the swag on holidays and I also go water skiing
Technical - I have a major interest in web designing and game code designing. I am currently making a virtual sim game.
Artistic talent - this wouldn’t just be paper, but on the computer, I have good skills to make Manipulations and other sort for internet display
Musical – only dancing on this one. I am bad at singing.
Social, I always give every one a chance, I don’t put people down and I always help people who are down. I always give people a smile and help to make them feel a lot better. I will do this Even if this makes me feel like an idiot.

On the maths side of things it just depends really. Good at sums and things but really bad at fractions decimals and other things, I hate map work and I despise xyz theory’s. In travel I would be travelling the Australian outback after I have finished year 12 and have completed my horse studies

I have 4 points to my VCE I have first aid, hospitality, and retail tasters and my official retail 2 certificate. I have also got a family of 4 and a part time job, full time student body, and a social life.

My ambition was a secret I suppose I could tell you. I wish to own and keep a equine business I would like to take my mum and dad on a exotic trip with a limo and a 5 star hotel. I would like to do this as thanks for taking care of me for 16 and half years. This also includes a 5 star hotel.

I would dearly love to hear all about you now that you have herd about me. I would also like to hear a response on what else you would like to know or on how I will be able to improve in this letter.

Yours Sincerely

Amy Langford

What do you think? a good thing about my self???
Now i am asked to make a description about my room. O.o
Amz ... this is lovely. You sound very special and I wish you the best of luck in school and in life.
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