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The comfusion

I have tryed to reason with him i really have. ok the story is that I have been going out with this guy righ, he's at seniour and i am at another different school. now it's a new year and were at the same school. I can feel there is some sort of disterbance wbetween us and i don't think that the way it is is going to help me/ us in our relation ship. I need help because i am running into tears. i have had several boyfriend before and I have had one that only liked me for 3 months and then didn't tell me he wanted to break up he told every one else but me. In the end he was an arse hole and I chucked the big wobbaly, of him not careing for me.... I am scared that that is going to happen to me again. It took me a long time to get over that relation ship. I had so manny problems and i couldn't get over him. It took me 1 year and a half to fully get over him, Now i think i am going out witht the same sort of guy. I msg'ed him last night and Were going to talk today at lunch. but i need some one to tell me if i need to do some thing else or not, valintines day is also comming up and now i don't think that I should get him something because for the reason is that he could break up with me. help I think i muight be having a mental break down.
Here it is from a guys point of view. (this might be not what you are talking about cuz i couldn't decipher ur typing) Sorry if im being insensitive. If i dind't like a girl and wanted to break up with her it would be hard because she would be hurt and mad. I would wait until she broke up with me then I new that she wouldn't be hurt and mad and I wouldn't care. If you are sure that this other dud really doesn't like you, dump em. THat's the easiest way to get over him I think. I dunno i ain't a chick. But i think so. Same thing is going on at my school expect a boy is in ur position. He likes her but she deosn't like him. (Im the only one that knows that for some reason.) I keep telling him to dump her because she is not good enuff because she doens't want to dump him. If she did he would be hurt, but if i can convince him to dump her, he won't be hurt. WHy did i just say thatt? If she see this post im dead for telling people. Oh well.
And from a girl's point of view. Talk it out. Don't come on to him too strong and scare him off though, but don't let him walk off without clarifying anything. I would say go ahead and buy the gift, but nothing big. Like polly-gone said, no one wants to be hurt, so at least figure out what is going on before either of you split the relationship. And don't get clingy. And if he dumps you, eat chocolate and wallow in your misery for a mizimum of 3 days, and then pick yourself up and be amazing!
That's what I was trying to say but i kinda typed it wrong. I agree.
Awsome Well i talked it out and it worked. were togewther still and i will get him a little bear for valintines and well you know i mean, well I ain't going to be clingy, he told me that he want's some space with his mates, and then said to hange at resecc and go at lunch, so at the moment i am am thinking of hanging with him at recess break and then i am going to hange out with the girls at lunch, also devote lunch for my study and assesment tasks that are set. Xp. Also I am sorry for my typing mistakes... Bad at the error and chat speak leaks here and there. XP sorry. But thank you guy's for all your help it was wonderfull
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