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why is it so hard?

Why even though I feel as if I have been making valid posts, when i try to apply for some hosting i keep getting turned down... I guess Im a little bad with the concept! Personaly I figured you guys wouldent want someone just bsing a whole bunch of nothing because they dont have enouph points, at what point is it quanity over quality, if I express my entire idea that I had when I go to reply to a thread, even if its simple and to the point how does that make it not as good of a post and someone that just goes on and on about nothing...

basicaly Im trying to figure out at what point do you guys actualy consider a post a "good" post!? Shocked
The post you've just made would be considered a "good" post. It is obviously well thought-out, and is around a paragraph long. Most of your other posts are less than one line long, and these are not generally considered as "good quality".

The points system is there to keep you active on the forums once you are hosted, but it also gives the staff a good indication of post quality. An excellent post on the forum will get you 4 points maximum - you (at the time of writing this) have 15 posts and 30 points, meaning you have an average of around 2 points per post. This is quite low.

There is no "hard-and-fast rule" regarding quality indicators, but you should generally be aiming for at least 5 posts that earn you 3 points or more. It's also advised that you continue to post when you are waiting for your account to be approved.

We appreciate that not every item requires a reply of a paragraph or more, but we are generally quite strict when it comes to new user's posts so that they understand what is expected of them as a member of Frihost. We have guidelines for making quality posts and a new user FAQ that you should perhaps read. But generally, you should just try to make some longer, more worthwhile posts than some of your previous examples.

Pryme8 wrote:
what do you expect when our own goverment kills people...

Pryme8 wrote:
BMW is more Sporty, Mercedes is more sports Luxury

Pryme8 wrote:, with my gmail on my custom homepage ^_^ gota love google...

The above quotes are a few examples of your posts that will have been considered poor quality. These are short and don't really add anything to a discussion - you don't state your opinions etc.

Good luck with improving your posts - hopefully once you have read this and some of the pages I've suggested, it will be more apparent what kind of posting we expect on Frihost.
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