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Configuring Apache...

Heya guys. I am having a big problem with this Apache thingie (I have windows XP btw). Can someone please help me configure it. I can't get started with my PHP and MySQL just cause this Apache isn't configured properly and I'm having problems configuring it manually. I've read tutorials on different sites explaning how to edit the httpd.conf I did exactly what it said.. In fact I didn't know where to put the codes given in the tutorials I think I put them in the wrong places.
Anyway is it possible that someone send me an already configured httpd.conf code which I can paste into the file? Please!!

have you installed them manually? or do you use ready made servers like WAMP or EasyPHP
Nope. I tried both Wamp and EasyPHP.. actually they didn't really work for.. I think I got confused..
I installed Apache, PHP and MySQL seperately.. but to make PHP work you have to configure the Apache manually which I'm stuck at..
I think, hopefully everything's gonna work fine once this apache is configured properly. .Can someone gimme an already configured httpd.conf code?
Here is an installer which installs Apache-php-mysql and configures them to work together.

Well, that is some installer! Saves a lot of time configuring individual applications and debugging the configuration.
by chance if you had installed two type of server there is a chances of clashing of apache.
so try opening the task manager and see it under the process if you see more than two apache image running than that is the problem.
there might be a slight chances of apache clashing..
Go to Configuration->Software

Uninstall Apache and all bundles containing apache (easyphp, phptriad, Wamp, etc.).

Download easyphp2 beta ( and install it in a new directory.

Restart your computer (if necessary) and use easyphp2 to start Apache.

Point your browser to

If you get an error, use easyphp2 to stop Apache and then start Apache again. Try again to point your browser to If everything is oke it works now. If it isn't let us know.

(Having to stop Apache and restart it again seems to be a bug in easyphp2)
Thanks for your help everyone... I'll try what kv said.. Tho I tried that before I don't know what happened to it.
Btw lemme tell you folks Im really new to this thing. I'm tryina learn too maybe that's the reason Im facing so many problems..
Why not just use your account with Frihost?
Well that doesn't work.
i also got some problem with my apache installation, the thing is that, after installing both apache web server and php, all my php scripts are displayed in the browser, but once i restart the computer, it no longer displays. i really dont know what is wrong with the setup.
I use JSAS (Joomla Stand Alone Server) on an XP PC. It installs Apache, php & MySQL and I've never had any problems.

I tried Xamp, Wamp & a few others first & I couldn't get them to work.
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