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Microsoft Outlook Template

Hello everyone

Let me begin by describing my situation.
Every month I need to send a newsletter out to about 400 people. This mailing list had to be split to smaller groups as some of them were not receiving the mail due to spam filters blocking out such large mailing lists.
No problem!
I created a few templates for each group and use this to send out the newsletter. However due to deadlines and stress and ....etc it has happened on more than 1 occasion that I have forgotten to add the newsletter attachment to the email before it was sent.

Now my hopeful solution:
Is it possible to link a folder to this mail template so that whatever is in the folder is sent as an attachment????
This would mean that I could link all the templates to this folder, put the newsletter doc in the folder and when I send it it will automatically be attached to all mails.

Any gurus out there with a solution (easiest one preferabbly).

Please note the limitations: Rolling Eyes
I have to use microsoft outlook (not express)
I have to use these seperate mailing groups.

Thanks in advance.
I guess it is true that sometimes you just need to talk about your problems. Laughing

After posting my last message I did some more googling but on a different track.
This time I was looking for a way to warn me if I forgot to add an attachment and found an outlook plug-in called attachment alarm.
It scans all outgoing emails for keywords that you specify (like "attachment","find enclosed",etc) and warns you if it finds a keyword and there is no attachment before sending.

My previous question is still open though.
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