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Frontpage Ext. Problems!!

Ok, i think that my problem not being able to access my website or see it on IE is due to soething with the Frontpage Ext.

I went to my website on IE and went to File-edit with Frontpage and it gave me this.

404 Not Found
Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

Also when i goe through the cpanel it gives me this when i try to activate frontpage extensions.

Attempting to install FrontPage extensions...
/home/ramiller/public_html does not exist or is not a directory!

FrontPage extensions are currently: not installed

if i try to clean up the old ones it sys this

Attempting to remove FrontPage extensions...

Starting uninstall, port: 80.

Error: There is no web named "".
The version (unknown) of the server extensions you are trying to uninstall cannot be uninstalled with this tool. You must upgrade this virtual server to the current version, and then use owsadm.exe to uninstall.

Removing .htaccess files....Done
Removing old frontpage files...Done

FrontPage extensions are currently: not installed

can anyone please help.

I just checked your account and I found all directories (including the system directories) but one to be missing .
mail, public_html, etc, public_ftp, tmp, www ...are all required for the correct working of the various features available in cPanel.
Please don't delete any directories manually unless you're absolutely sure of what you are doing.

your account can be restored only by deleting and re-creating it.
if you have not uploaded any data that you do not wish to lose, then I can go ahead with it.

once that is done, you need to upload your site to "public_html".
ok, i have nothing important up there so please delete so i can start over.
So what is the address then that i load it up to. I am reading all i can on this so hopefull i will get it right next time.

So what is the address i load it up it to then at
I am doing this through frontpage so if you have any info please let me know.

You can also just use the scripts provided in fantastico to get frontpage sort of forms!
OK..done, I've terminated and re-created your account.
Check your PM for your new password.

When you upload your site from frontpage, it should ask you for remote webserver type

you can use ftp
remote web site location = ""

you can also use site with Frontpage Extensions
remote web site location = ""

username and password, in both cases, are the same are your cPanel ones (that you got in the PM)

best of luck
you always have a back up of your website in your harddisk , right ? the best thing is that you have to ask one of the mods to reset your hosting, refresh everything and you start from scratch.

And system folders of the website if deleted cannot copied or created. It will work wierd.

After reactivating your hosting, first activate fp extentions .....

Then you upload freshly everything using Frontpage uploader only.......

everything will be fine.......

Rolling Eyes
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