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New Technology To Be Implanted To Human Body, computer and

I have read in the news paper, a local news here in the philippines that during the convention at singapore, Bill Gates says "New technology soon to be implanted in the human body, but I will not try this experimentation in myself.."

Is it possible the somebody is working to implant computer in the human body? Wow,,, very interesting, but do you think this will help us? if the computer is inside our body, what does the computer do? maybe instead of using our mind the computer will think for you... ha ha ha... that will makes us a robot...

If this will happen, if bill gates is working to it... Well, I really be a big difference and adjustment on all people like us,,, Do you want to try it for yourself, Me I don't like to have computer inside my body... ...

Anyway, have any of you guys read the article about this topic? please give me the links where I can go to it...
I think this will happen soon, firstly voluntary but then obligatory, and little by little we will become useless and the computers will do all the job and the end of the world and all that crap will happen (NOT JOKING). Well, that's my weird theory Razz
Do you happen to have a link to this article?
Right now, our brains are still much more advanced computers. Nor do we completely understand our brains to directly integrate technology into the thinking process. The idea that newly implemented technology taking over our minds, making us useless zombies, isn't that plausible in the recent future.

Unless you mean other parts of our bodies. In that case, we already have stuff like pacemakers for our hearts, vaccines for our immune systems, etc.

There's really no need to be afraid of new technology anyways. Ethics committees are always ready to tear apart new ideas with their sharp claws and teeth.
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