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The Tale of the Economist and the Eel -- Improv Writing

This is the result of two very bored students, wherein the dialogue begins:

Let’s write a story! Cool! you start!

The Tale of the Economist and the Eel
- How the demise of one caused that of the other, and the result of Uncle Ted’s Errant Fishing Trip – A Morality Play

They found it in the bottom of a bathtub: an umbrella-mouthed gulper eel. No one knew what it was, or how it got there, but it was an umbrella-mouthed gulper eel in a bathtub. It was confused, and dead, which was only more confusing. Some townspeople wanted to kill it again, just in case, but the Cohabitation of Rational Thought pointed out to the Village Idiots that being dead, one could not kill it again. Unfortunately, they were in the minority. It would have been especially unfortunate for the eel, if it wasn’t already dead. As such, things couldn’t really get more unfortunate for it. The job of killing the dead eel fell upon a vagrant socio-economist, who came to town begging for cost-benefit analysis. Upon arrival, of the socio-economist on the eel, a protest regarding the dead animal’s rights was found to have been formed and residing under the sink next to the kitchen cleaner. It was awkward. The socio-economist tried to point out that the eel provided no monetary benefit to society because it was (a) an animal, (b) dead, and (c) from Venezuela, but he was pelted with learning products and old shoes until he was silent. And dead. The socio-economist’s body was thrown in with the eel’s, and an edict declared that the eel and socio-economist shall remain undisturbed for three(3) decades, wherein several wars on the disposition of the corpses of eels and economists were fought, lost, and declared invalid. A Cost-benefit analysis of the decision would have shown it to be wasteful, but it was too late for that, wasn’t it?
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