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FRINK site redesign

FRINK is undergoing another redesign (a live one this time because the dev doing it is a teeny bit incompetent). Could you guys possibly take a look at and give me your thoughts on what you'd like to see in v4?

Ideas I've come up with so far:

  • Boxes around titles are bad
  • Anti-aliasing on the banner is terrible
  • The banner's generally not great
  • There are too many 'latest news' items, or in fact the few that are there take up too much space.
  • The category titles ('features' etc.) are too small and could use some definition too, like under/overlines
  • The left column is a bit funny in terms of background images not continuing.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Here are a few things I might change:
1. I'm getting an error message towards the bottom:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: varset() in /home/simplyw0/public_html/frinkmusic/e107_themes/templates/footer_default.php on line 59

2. The header style looks funny. The silver/gray boxes behind look strange especially when the header goes to two lines. The underlining looks weird too, especially with that background. These things about the look are fairly subjective, however.

3. It looks like some images are missing. Nerina Pallot and McQueen are the ones missing, I think.

4. A man from mars can't tell what the site is in 4 seconds or less. Could use to have a clear focal point of the layout. Right now, there are all kinds of headlines and images shouting for attention making it so that nothing is heard.

There are other problems too, but I think the biggest is that there is no clear focal point. It looks like a bunch of text and images thrown up there. I can't tell what aspect of music you are trying to talk about. I guess it is a news site about rock music? What niche are you attempting to fill? Why is there a forum? What advantage is there to registering with your site? How can I read articles I remember from a month ago? etc.

Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished product.
I just went to your site. In the sidebar, you can't have a hyphenated word that's too long--it totally bled into your other column. Be mindful of using spaces (even if you just space around the dashes, or on one side of a dash). I would also have fleshed out the description of the article about Talk Taxis on the front page. Otherwise, only people who know them will be likely to read it.

Also.. what does one get if one signs up? What are the benefits of joining?
{name here}
The background is bad. Use a gradient repeated horizontally, that is certainly more visually appealing. Your left content box with latest forum posts has an announcement that overflows. Use CSS to correct this. That SLAANG poster thing doesn't seem to fit. Have the header extend fully, so the main menu and banner are above the third column. Also you have a table based design, but I doubt you're going to do that massive of a change to the design.

Also, consider inserting a copyright notice in the footer.
looks good, its a little chaotic for my personal taste but if its what you were going for, by all means it looks good! For a music site it is also very fitting.
Personally, I disagree with other people's comments. This site very much suits a site of music.

One thing though, Your search area takes up anohter whole horizontal bar section uner the menu. Try to make the menu and the search bar into one. The menu shouldn't have anohter black bar under it, other than that, the banner is looking good. Also, the line around the search should also be white.

Your "news item SLAANG London's newest indie-electro-mental-mash-up-warehouse-part" is going over the left area it's supposed to stay in. Fix the word wrap.

The colours are pretty good, but tone down the contrast just a bit. Make everything more gray. Your black maybe can stay same, but make your other whites a little less white; or vice versa.

Your background shouldn't be a casette repeating. This I must say isn't all that good.
Use something like a patter, or a gradient, or a corner background, or a mix of all three. Be creative.

Have fun. You're website's pretty good.
That background image gives me motion sickness.
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