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Why is my computer slower?

Is it true that the fuller your hard disk becomes the slower your computer is?

I have an 80 GB hard disk. To this disk I added 16 GB of movies. After the movies were added my computer became much slower.

Do you think my computer became slower because of the16 GB of movies or are there some other reason? If the reason is the movies, what is the use of a big hard disk then?
It's possible this slowed the computer down, but it's likely to be caused by disk fragmentation rather than the fact there is data on your HD. Try running Disk Defragmenter - I would imagine that this will speed up your computer significantly if your HD has a problem with fragmentation.
Theoretically, it is true in most cases that when more files are being stored in your hard disk, the performance will decrease. This is mainly because there are more blocks of data in the disk platter. Therefore, whenever the operating system request for a file to be executed, the access time for the hard drive will be slower as the read/write heads need to be reposition more frequently to find for the right block of data for the file to be executed.

Hence, when this happens, defragmenting your drive will help as this basically arranges the blocks of data adjacently to the other. Thus, reducing access time as well as read/write overheads.

Yes. With a big capacity hard disk, things can be rather cumbersome. However, here comes the benefit of partitioning your hard disk. By partitioning, you can easily manage your files and sort and place them to different partitions accordingly to how they are bring used. And, when one partition gets fragmented, you won't have to defragment the whole hard disk. Instead, you just have to defragment the particular fragmented partition.
Maybe you PC was infected by viruses/mallware/trojan.
hi , the problem you are having is very normal. there is already much explained in previous posts. now , to have your pc working better again , the best way is to get some dvd's or something , and get rid of the films on your hard disk.
second solution is to defragment your disk. you can also clean up registery with tools like regcleaner.
then i have some advise. first , be sure to have 2 disks at least , one for your operating system , and one for all the rest. second advise , strive to always have about 50 % of your hard disk space free , as after this percentage , it is where performance starts falling.
your computer needs a percentage of free space on your HDD to run normally. It's used for virtual memory and stuff like that. So when ur HDD is nearing it's capacity, then it'll slow down due to less space for it to play with. Defragmentation can improve the speed a little... but it's still advisable to keep at least 5GB of free space on your HDD
When you put new files in your HD your pc becomes a litlle bit slower, but your problem problably is spyware or viruses, because i have a 80 GB and have 20 GB of movies and my pc contiues working properly. Try to run an Anti-Virus and a spyware software. I use avast, this is good

Try It.

Yes, it is a known fact that the more you fill your HDD, the slower it becomes.
If you want to solve this problem, get an external HDD or get an internal one that you can just use for movies.
I would recommend the external because the internal one might fry your computer if you are not careful.
Before jumping the gun I would like to know that u feel its slow doing what tasks?

I dont think it storing few movies will make the pc considerably slow as long as XP has 1-2 Gb free space in all drives for proper functioning.There could be others reasons contributing, One quick test I can think of is go to starrt up manager (start > run >type msconfig), new popup will appear, go to last tab and examine the processes for spywares/adwares/unecessary programs that one doesnt want them to be running all the time.
Yes.. unless your hard drive is near capacity, it really should not affect performance.

Having a bunch of PROGRAMS installed is entirely different than having a bunch of files.

I see two possibilities for your scenario.

Either you hard drive is fragmented due to downloading all that data, in which case a simple defrag should take care of things for you..

OR you downloading some kind of virus/spyware in the process.

Install Avast antivirus (free from and install Ad-aware (also free, find at

Update both.. then run scans. Fix any problems they find.

Then do a defrag. Another thing you can do is manually set your page (virtual memory) file size. Right click on my computer, properties, advanced, performance settings, advanced, change virtual memory. Set a manual size between 1 1/2 to 2 times your system RAM (Example if you have 128MB ram, set it between 192 to 256).. and if you have multiple drives change it to a non-system drive, assuming that drive is equal or better in data transfer rate speeds. Then it will make you reboot your computer.

Following this step may improve your performance greatly.

Good luck!
Get an external hard drive for all your files. Get diskeeper and defrag. Or if you can just clean reinstall.
No, unless some of these files were corrupted or you have a program scanning everything constantly then the only thing an increased amount of data will do is increase boot time, not actual efficiency of the machine. This is likely fragmentation, or the fact that Windows needs re-installing every 6-8 months. Likely a combo of the two.

Why does windows need to be re-installed so often? Well, the operating system clutters itself up with random crap accumulated over time, drivers, cookies, .sys files gone awry, registry entries and more. Windows has a poor method of maintaining itself, and as thus either a very proficient user must do so, or any user must frequently re-install it.

Be sure to run the de-fragmentation and check for viruses first, if you are satisfied with the new speed, then so be it. Otherwise gather up your install kits and have at it.
I would disable unnecessary services. It made a difference for, also make sure you dont have too many processes running in the background. Defragmenting would help also, and checking for virus and spyware would increase performance if you are infected. Here is a good article I found about services that I used to disable some of my services. I found it very helpful.

Becareful though. This website helps and gives you and idea of what you may be able to disable, but some computers may need different services than others. For instance, for a laptop you may need your wireless service running, but for a desktop it's not necessary. Hope this helps.
Da Rossa
I defragment every four days. I have 2 HDD's with seven partitions total. Not good to have so many partitions.
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