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teenages in need?

Hey, names Josh, im a 17 year old male, that has been threw so much drama in my highschool career its almost impossible to imagin! i think if u talk to me u will find out im an easy going guy, i like to play sports, i play football basketball and i throw javalin in track. im just leaving this post to let u know that there are ppl out there that listen and im one of them. reply to my post and get to kno me a lil better and if u have any problems i am more thn willing to listen and give u the advice that i have.
Hey, we've all been there. I'm a twenty-year-old male just two years out of highschool. Believe me, the drama only starts at highschool. If I were in your shoes I would enjoy the time while it lasts.

So let's see... you play sports so what positions do you play in? Do you have a part-time job as well?

i stand 6'4" tall and weigh in at around 210lbs. i love lifting weights and just having a good time, the positions that i play for football are, defencive end and center! basketball im a center. i only play basketball to give me somthing to do i really love playing football though, i mean i almost live for it. about the part time job, no i don't have a part time job at the moment but im trying, after basketball i go straight into track, but after track i will be open till the end of summer so im going to try and get a job so i can have a few extra $$$ to spend on my senior year, my class plans on having a cruise for our senior trip, its not even threw the school, instead of having a senior skip day we are all going to have a senior skip week and take a cruise to the bahamas Very Happy i can't wait i hope that we all follow threw with this, it will be a blast!

Your seniors are going for a cruise. Awesome.

As to the job; I was a workaholic back in highschool working 20-40 hours a week. At that time I had one or two jobs depending on my age. What I'm trying to say is don't be me; don't let whatever after school activity your participating in effect your schooling.

...I still don't believe it. Your whole senior class to the bahamas. Your one lucky... person.

So how often do you have practice? Every day?
no no no, lol u got it all wrong not our whole senior class are u crazy, like 6 or 7 of us, the"group" my bestfriends and i are going, practice yes is mostly everyday
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