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PHP Major Projects

Hey, just wondering since i've never really took a major php project on. How long does it take to code something like phpBB...including everything from start to finish.
murray732 wrote:
Hey, just wondering since i've never really took a major php project on. How long does it take to code something like phpBB...including everything from start to finish.

some yaers i supose, but they are still developing but not as much as in the beginning.
most of the coding in phpbb goes int stopping the code becoming antiquated keeping up with new functions etc.
dude i think it depends on the quality of ur code.....

u can add a lot of functions and even make something better than phpbb in a week but then the code won't b tht organized......
Hmm, i think some time i might be interested in a php project...nothing with high expectations that i think i won't meet...but just something like an admin panel. Kinda cool to know somebody out there is relying on what you made Laughing
Projects like phpbb2 is like building a city - its never done!
It really depends on your skill. If you're a php noobie, it could take months or even years. If you're a php expert, it could be a matter of days or weeks. It depends on your skill and on how much free time you have to work on your project.
A big part is if you are really in to and interested in what you are developing. I've finished projects(of a decently large scale) in a matter of days because I was really interested in them, and others that probably shouldve been finished quick took a long time simply because it isn't interesting.

Thats just my opinion though. If you do decide to take up a big project, try and make it something that you will want to continue to work on, and even update after its completed.
As said it depends on skill and it also depends on how often you work on it. IF you program a page per week that would get you done a lot faster than if you coded a page a month. Really it depends on how much code you are going to use for extra features and what-not. PHPBB probably would take a year or two to debug and get running fully.
I disagree PHPBB equivelant could be coded and debugged in less than a year if someone wanted to do it.
X3 Talk
It depends on what you want to put in. PHPbb has gone through quite a few versions now and has a lot of features. I would say that it is about as major as they come.
A big projects takes alot of time. That's logic, and real for any language.

But project often start with few features, a group of users, maybe new developpers.
Then come new ideas from users and developpers, and it goes faster and faster, If your idea is good

A programmer said:
If you can't explain it, then it's a bad idea.
If you can explain it, then maybe it's a good idea
usually, a modularizes project is pretty fast.
For example, each programmer takes one part and work on it. then each programmer produce an API for another one to use.
I'm personally working on Imarty, a system like Smarty, but it is an image template system. I have already broke it down to pieces and I only have to produce the core system.
The basic core can be produced within a week if I spend about 8 hour per day..

Usually, the code writing is not hard, the hard part is to make the code efficient. Debugging and write systems to stop user from misuse the system and create disaster effects are often the most frustrating part of a developer's job.
i would think it would depend on how good of coder you are and stuff... and how much you know, how fast you type... these would all be factors of how long it would take on average.. idk cuz ive never really made a major php thing...
Well, these days I start working of some items and I have to say, it costs time... there are so many things you thought you will never encounter...

I was making Imarty, and it should be around 3 weeks now, and it's only in beta version. So looks like things could really take about a year to become stable
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