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How much will the computer be worth to sell?

I'm looking at building a new gaming computer because mine is getting out of date. I'm getting into games like BF2142. I have someone who wants it for World of Warcraft Shocked . World of Warcraft should run at high settings on this computer so it's perfect for him.

Case: NZXT Guardian (Blue)
Powersupply: Onion 400watt ps
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.2ghz 512cache
Memory: 512mbs RAM
Graphics Card: 256mbs nVidia Geforce FX5200
Media: DVD-Reader, 40gig Hard drive
EDIT: Sound: Creative SoundBlaster Live!

I just want an estimate on how much this computer would probably be worth I was thinking 200-250.
Heh, the computer is much better than my 1.5 Ghz, 512 mb ram, 128 mb shared video laptop.

I'd personally say that it's worth well around 200-300 dollars. You had a good estimate.
Yeah I was really trying to hit around 230 thx.
200-300 dollars??? US dollars? You guys sure? I mean I could get a better configuration for that price here in Singapore... and it would be brand new. 200 would be a sale to a ignorant buyer. 300 dollars I congratulate you on managing to sell your used system for the price of a brand new one. Laughing
200 would be on the way low end here for that Configuration. I would probably sell it for around 300...
This computer used to be a Dell. I cheap dell case was falling apart. (that cheap plastic siding fell of the case when I tried to pick the computer up) So I spent money on the new case and power supply upgrade to power the gfx card that was also upgrading in it. Then the memory was upgraded from 256mb to 512mbs I believe.

Also, Singapore is a major computer parts maker. The primary part they make is hard drives. Don't believe me look on your hard drive more then likely it says made in Singapore. So being a maker of computer I would expect them to have lower prices on computer tech.
Yes the problem is that the price will vary so much with parts of USA, and especially so in different countries around the world.

Also there are other factors... any other hardware included? Such as monitor, etc? Are you including the O/S? Obviously a system with windows is going to go for a bit more than one without, especially in the used market.

Personally, for $200 I can get brand new hardware as that with the same or better specs, but for a less experienced computer user that system would probably go for $250-300 used ASSUMING it includes the O/S here in the midwest.

Good luck!
Yes, for 200 i'd expect at least DVD R-W and at least 100G HDD!
I would say $400. I would buy it for $400. Give this kid a deal and say $300. Tell him he's getting hooked up fat. The card is a little out of date though.

Actually.... 512mb ram is not that much, nor is 40gig hd. 400w power supply? Eh. $300. Or $200.
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