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Anybody played new expansion for wow yet? The draenie place isn't that good...blood elves I like Very Happy ...and jewel crafting + mining new favorite. You guys liking the expansion?
Yeah i got the BC,think its great lvling to 70 now lets see whats instore in outland,een though lvling again doesnt seem very exciting Razz
Yea it's awesome, a lot of people play Blood Elves now, finally horde got some beautifull race ;] They were all ugly ;p
New lands are cool and the flying mounts look awesome, can't wait to get one for myself...
Patriot Players
When I first got WoW I was excited about the prospect of the expansion for what seemed to be a great game. A month later I stopped playing before it even came out. The reason for this is the sheer lack of maturity in the vast majority of the community. In my opinion, the game play can be as great as they want, but community makes a game.
i love WoW TBC its a blast. I prefer the Outlands over the new races. after all they are just races. They did an awsome job on the new art and enviroment. I think it is absolutly wonderful.... only if i had more time to play it -_- oh well

The only worry I have for the game is the fact that I'm in college and I dont have the money anymore. oh well... GG blizz
I bought it just to find out 1 week later that WoW is still the same boring crap like it has always been.
I regret the day that I've started playing WoW for 1 year. Luckily, the game was so boring that I could stop.

WoW is a real danger. It's addicting. Don't play it!
I'm currently leveling a Belf pally. I have tried the Dranae and they are ok. The Draenai start quests are some of the best written in the game. I love the architecture throughout thier whole territory.

On our server the Horde are greatly outnumbered by the alliance (something like 3-1). Its a bit frustrating but fun playing the "underdogs".
Kitten Kong
Questing in Outland is sooo refreshing, the quests are not long and boring like most 40-60 quests and the drops are higher. It does seem to be on easy mode a bit, its like having hundreds of lvl 1-20 quests.

I'm racing to 70 so I can try arena combat, im pretty psyched for that.
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