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anyone heard of them? They're my favourite band at the moment. They have about 6 albums and are mostly power metal although they have a few softer songs. I think they're from finland which have great metal bands. my favourite song is either replica, dont say a word, peacemaker, or end of this chapter. i'd be interested to see what you're favourite songs are.
The Cage is a beautiful song, and probably my favourite. Even though I can not really decide. There are so many of their songs which means so much to me. Like Broken, The Power of One, Draw Me, and the lyric of Gravenimage
And not to forget The End of This Chapter Twisted Evil
yeah i like the power of one. can anyone answer my question which is why metal songs are always quite long e.g 4 mins + whereas pop songs are always 3-4 mins?
Never heard of them, care to elaborate, or do you have some links?
great band i got al the albums. i realy love the album Reckoning Night.
divinitywolf wrote:
yeah i like the power of one. can anyone answer my question which is why metal songs are always quite long e.g 4 mins + whereas pop songs are always 3-4 mins?

I'm surprised you seem to think 4-5 mins is a 'long' song, and 3-4 mins is a 'short' song. As a progressive rock/metal fan, I find 2-4 mins to be 'short' and anything over +- 10 mins 'long'. And I have quite a number of long songs.

As for more info, check their website:

I like SA, though after a while everything starts to sound alike. Still, they're a good listen every once in a while.
yeah and by the way i didnt say 4-5 mins. i said 4+ which could be 4- 1500 minutes Razz.
They sound a bit the same but i love them all the same. i downloaded their discography so i have all of their songs and albums.
Jakob [JaWGames]
Aah, Sonata is actually my favourite band, seeing forward to their next album..

And some favorite songs:
Picturing of the Past
Wolf and Raven
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited
Don't say a word

And some of the best ballads:
The Misery
I Agree with dignitywolf about replica, I just found this band a short time ago.
The song I want Out is really nice too!
I really Like them!! Wink
Not a big power metal fan, but I really liked this band when I was one hehe.
Gotta say that I still have few songs on my portable.
I think they are ok, but i can't listen to them for more than a day or so before their style seems too soft and sad and so. But they have indeed made some catchy songs: the power of one, don't say a word, kingdom for a heart and a lot more.

Too sad indeed, but still beautiful, I dare say Smile
They're not too bad, but they just sound like another generic power metal band to me, although I will say Tony Kakko has a better voice than most other power metal bands around.

I haven't heard a lot of their stuff, but what I did like is when they covered Metallica's 'Fade to Black'. I think they put such a beautiful spin on it, and with Tony's voice, sounded amazing.

I think I might check out some more of their stuff in the near future.
Yeah ok Sonata Arctica are quite light compared to some metal bands but their ballads are amazing. Last Drop Falls is just the greatest song ever!
Hey dude Sonata Arctica's The Misery isn't that bad
I've been a fan for quite a while, even though I don't have many of their albums (just "Winterheart's Guild" and "Reckoning Night"). My favorite song is "White Pearl, Black Oceans", as it does an amazing job of making me picture in my mind everything that is going on lyrically. Honestly, that song has made me cry.

I actually tried to see Sonata Arctica live for the first time when they last toured, but Tony got really sick right after the tour bus parked in front of the venue. The show was cancelled and I was disappointed, to say the least, but there was nothing that they could do. Crying or Very sad Anyway, I'm hoping that they come back soon.
Yeah i really wanna see sonata arctica live but i dont think they'll be coming near me anytime soon so i'll just have to wait.
I do have a few of Sonata Artica's songs, and I really like them, but my favorite power metal/speed metal band is Dragonforce. Nonetheless, both are great bands, and it's not about which is the best band. Power metal rocks.
Must say that I liked their older works more than the new ones... Then again, I haven't followed since Winterheart's Guild - one at which I got somewhat disappointed. Perhaps I should check them out and see if they got better!
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