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Older women

Ok I need some oppinons!

I have been persuing a relationship with a older woman. I am twenty going on twenty-one in less then 2 months and she just turned twenty-six... I personaly think that 5-6 years is not that bad, but i have had alot of my closer freinds tell me otherwise. Its not liek what they think is going to affect my decissions but, it is a little frustrating having to deal with someone whos mindset is a few years ahead of mine! I actualy like the fact she is older, and have no problem with her being sutch, but I would like to find out anyone elses oppinions on relationships with gaps in the ages?
You are relating age to a different mind set.
You say that because she is older she may be more mature and even may have different interests.
BUT as in so many cases, this is not always true. It can be that you two bond. As long as you like each other and be together. That is what counts. Age is a number man. Don't try to feel like your age prescribes...
Captain Fertile
5-6 years is not an age gap IMHO, whether it be the man or the woman which is older.

I have generally been out with women 2-6 years above or below my age (usually below) and there has never been a problem.

In fact the woman I have got along with best is my wife and she is 10 years younger than me. We've been married for quite a few years now and are one of the happiest couples I have seen.

The age gap is not usually a problem for the couple, its just other people checking the calander. I would be quite happy for a son of my own to go out with a woman 6 years his senior, 6 years is nothing as long as both involved are consenting adults (what I mean by that is that there is something wrong with a 17 year old going out with an 11 year old - same gap, different ages - different story).
I wouldn't worry so much about the age difference, but instead, I'd focus on the relationship. As long as you're both getting along well with each other, and the relationship is serious, then time will prove your friends all wrong.
(and by the way, my wife is one year older than I am)
Both of these guys make excellent points, although I personally would not date someone ten years my better or vice versa. To me that is an extreme. I had the option of dating a sixteen-year-old even though I am twenty. My friends see no problem in it but I couldn't stand my own moral fiber if I did.

Your situation is different; she is older than you by six years. That is a little much to me, but if you don't mind then that's what counts.

All-in-all I wouldn't worry about it too much. People are generally marrying outside of their ages; it's just a matter of your own perception.
thanks guys it helps alot ot have someone compleatly removed from the situation give me advice! Yesterday we had our first fight and it kinda sucked, but we are all over it now, and alot of the stuff you guys said helped alot with whats been going threw my mind! THANKS!
Another Frihoster helped out of his daily misery Laughing
No problem mate. We wish you a lot of luck in your relationship
We wish you a lot of luck in your relationship
I don't think that 5 - 6 years are so important. It's important how you feel and comunicate with each outher. I also wish you goof luck.
An age gap like yours is personally no big deal.

What's more important in how you relate to each other.

You're both in your twenties, so no problem.

All the best to you and don't bother about what people say, all right?

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You should have no problem with her now. The nice things about getting older woman is that she is much mature and will take care of you like your own mama Smile

By the way, the woman will tend to look younger than its appearance. The formula is that if the lady looks 30, just add 6 and she must be around 36 years old.

Good luck
Dude 5-6 years is not the problem. I am dating a woman 5 years younger than I am and it couldn't be better, not becuse of her age but because we have similar interests and mind sets.

For awhile I dated a woman 11 years older than I was (she was 35 and I was 24). I knew it wouldnt work after a short time ( like 3 weeks) becuase we were in such different places in life and were wanting to go in different directions. It was a short relationship, hot, but destined to fail.

My point I guess is that it depends on how you two are, but in the long run, 5 yrs in not a very big difference, especially as you get older. Oh, and a quick tip, check out her mom, cuz in 20 yrs, odds are thats whats she's gonna look like Cool
Captain Fertile
THe biggest problem with a large age gap -especially when it is the man that is older is that men generally die younger than women so the chances that the woman will lose her partner for a greater amount of time in her life increases.

This is the only downside I see having a wife ten years my junior - I may die and leave her while she is reletevely young. I guess at least she has more time to get over me and finding someone else should she so wish.

Ten years really is not any issue at all, we never notice itthat much and it is always a matter to laugh about (like when I will say, "Do you remmeber..." and she will say, "Er no, I wasn't born when that happened") and we never find it brings anything negative to the table.
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