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Xbox 360 will take your life away...

I have now been playing Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, and I must say it is the most time consuming game you will ever come across. Anyone else stuck playing this game? I just cant get over how much stuff you can acutaly find to do.... Anybody know if any other complete life eating games are going to be comeing out for the 360 any time soon?
I beat it back in march, but it took alot of my free time.
I was addicted to Oblivion.

That being said, I never even owned the game. My friends had it and I was being overbearing so I let it go. But it was so much fun...

Anyway, no, I don't. I just thought I'd share my thoughts.
I could of beaten it a long time ago, but for me its unlocking every achivement I can!
Hi there,

I dont even have a Xbox 360 but when I get my hand on a PS3 I'll surely play the god dammit game, which, according to every gamer I know, is awesome !!

Stay cool !!
xbox360 Oblivion < Wow Very Happy

Oblivion was quite good, thought it was easier than Morrowind. Still loved them both. After completing MQ and all shrines, miniquest i could find and when i owned every house that was possible and had them fully decorised i stopped playing that game. but i did enjoy it while i played... every minute.
You should play xbox live and multiplayer games, now that is sick
Gears of war was pretty cool but now im waiting on Resident evil 5 thats gonna rock.
Dead Rising is a time eater because it takes 4-5 tries to get 100% of it done and you will be dying trying to master it.
Meh, Oblivion was ok. I liked it, didn't love it. But I don't like many RPG's, so I suppose an avid RPG fan would love it. I gave up when I unlocked about 900 of the 1000 GS. I just got bored of it. It could have been a lot better; firstly they could have tried and got rid of that damn lag & constant loading scree when your going through the wilderness. The fighting could have been a lot better to, I know RPG's don't usually have a great fighting system, as that's not what they are all about, but it really would have invited a lot more people to play it.
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