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age of empires II

i like age of empires II alot. I need some help with the strategy part of the game.
what is your strategy when u play? when in deathmatch?what civilization do you pick?

when i play i usually get two people on food and two on wood. I then make 6 other people: one makes docks, one makes houses, one makes barracks, and last two collect gold and stone.

when in deathmatch i usually just have two make houses until i reach my max cap. the others make about 10 barracks. i get an army fast and attack.

i don't know a huge diffrence between the civilizations so i just do random, i heard the celts were the best. which one is the best in deathmatch?

I play Ages of Empires quite a bit (or used to, it's been some weeks now since I last played) but anyway, the only real game mode I play is random map where you must collect resources before you start to do anything massive. Deathmatch I'm vaguely aware of, as I recall it is where you are granted huge stockpiles of resources and duke it out with that large stockpile. Very basic if you ask me. I don't really play that mode but whatever floats your boat.

The only strategy I could think of for deathmatch is as you described; make many different barracks/archer range/stables/seige workshops/castles as possible and then unleash them all at once making units. One good strategy in almost any mode is to hot key your buildings. I normally set my town hall to 1, my barracks to 2, archer range to 3 and so on, so forth. That way even if I'm out pilgrimaging I'm still making more units. I hope that helps.
death match i think is the mode i play if its that where u have large stocks of everything
well i use a different tactic against pc opponents and it really works
i just take the islands map
and build up a huge defensive system
i surround the whole island with wall and castless and towers till i reach the limit of towers i can bulid
start stocking the hourses in the casless so castles are stronger
their ships tryen to get on to my island they end up under the sea
u have only to fear their cannon ships thats y u have to invest in ships
lot of ships
defend ur land till the last
last!!! whats the last!!!
the last is when ur enemy has used all his stocks of nearly everything
u will realise urself when the time comes his attacks will reduce by half even by 3/4
then its ur time to strike
get the ships around his islands and an army of battle ships (fully upgraded) kill him eradicate him from the sea once the sea start buliding elephants and hoarses(u need to choose persians to make elephants)
you dont need archers just elephants and hourse get them on the weekre islands under ur enemy control
eredict them 1 by one, with no bkup they dont stand a chance
when the main island he started with is left (most defended)
strike ur fleet agains it kill everything u ships can hit towers walls catapults
dont worry if u loose ships when u see that halp ur fleet is lost then retreat it back some distance away from ebemy target just when they try to build something like docks destroy them
now with ur fleet reduced u can build more ground units like hourses
invade their island and send the elephants to the castles and hourses running around killing everything and everyone
with a packer of 24 elepghjants you will brinbg down a castle in 5 sec or less
persians are the best because they have the strongest unit elephants(though they are slow to move)
second best are the Teutons witch have their special worrior from the castle 2 of those can bring down an elephant (one dead and the other nearly)
hope i helped
I used to love using Goths, as long as if we were in an arena map. No walls, but you could churn out their Special Units from Barracks at an insanely fast rate. You could build a couple of barracks close to the enemy base, then flood them in a few seconds.
i am play age 2 is nice game... .i prefer age 3
For the regular game (beats DM anyday) your best bet is to go HEAVY with villagers. You should have around 70 at the end of the game. So, you're not making enough.

Now, it's been a while since I've played, but you want to go to the next age at around 15-20 villagers. Send all of them to your berries at first, then when you get around 7-10 and have located a boar, send one to attack it. As the boar chases that villager, make your villager run away back to your other villagers. Use all your villagers to then attack the boar, kill it, and harvest the meat. (keep an eye on your population count and make sure to build a house BEFORE it caps out) After two or three boars are collected, you should have enough to go to the second age.

This is the age you'll want to diversify in your economy. (since you're not an expert, I wouldn't suggest going military here) You'll want some on food, wood, and gold. I'm not sure about the exact balance, but food is priority. If you're on a water map, send villies to wood and build lots of fishing boats. If you're on a land map, send about 40% of your villagers to food, (hunt deer, if you can, until the third age when you start making farms), and 30% each on wood and gold. You'll of course build houses, a marketplace, and probably a barracks just in case. Move onto the next age as soon as you have the resources.

In this age you'll want to build up military almost immediately. Start getting stone after you hit the third age button. This age determines how flexible you are in your tactics. Predict your needs with resources and send the villagers there. Make farms! You should be continually pumping out villagers from your town center well into this age! Remember, 70 is about right in the end. Make sure to keep an eye on your idle villagers and send them to work. Your economy is really important in this game.

Lastly, make sure to use the advantages of your civilization. Only upgrade things you'll be using.
well, different civilization have their own strategies, for me, better start with annoy before your invasion. the way to develop your military power depends on your villagers, suitable number of villagers help you gaining the enough resources access into next age. in the time you update age, develop your army and start to annoy your enemy, and combo soldiers make your offensive more efficiency.

do not develop useless technology for you, not every feature military is useful. defense cannot win the game, but no defense will loose the game.
you'd better secure your villagers that ensure your economy grows.
I love thhis game. I started playing when i was like ten years old and easliy became addicted.

My stratgy is to build up defenses and learn all of the technology so that i can easily defeat the oncoming attacks by less advanced armies. I usually build too many buildings and not enough boats. Boats are my weakness. I never make enough and they seem so expensive. this is usually why i lose.
I play Age of Empires III, that rocks
no, i think Age of Empires 3 has not the same "mulitplayer feeling" such as coming up in AoE 2.
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