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My website...


Do you think its too dark and plain for an adult site? Because dark sites are never too good.. Or do you think its ok?
I think the site is to plain for an adult site... you should spice it up with some more erotic color variations.

No offense, just my opinion
Like how?
yes you need to spice it up with more pictures of people... mainly women doing sexy things
it looks like you took a template of some free place of the internet and you know nothing about webistes...

but it's kinda against the rules? isn't there not alowed to have explicit content?

Maybe you're not gonna show explicit, but just adult like stuff, but still, the design is tottaly off for that mood.

It looks like poorly designed game design.

Try to make your own.

good luck and have fun~
It looks good, but yeah, like diebel said... it needs a bit of variations and attraction to viewers. At the moment it looks quite plain
i actually think it's quite tasteful. less is more, and finally, an adult site that doesn't make me cringe and want to run away. Very Happy i'm no minor, but i try to stay away from all adult sites because, well, i just don't like being bombarded with porn XD

anyways, it does look like a template from OSWD -- but it's really professional looking. however it DOES not quite blend in with what you're selling. i suppose adult sites have their own design aesthetics, and i like your site plainly because it's not one of them -- it looks like someone's very wholesome personal blog or corporate site. if that's the look you were going for, cheers, you succeeded. but if not, then maybe you should change the design altogether -- just don't make it look so messy as all other adult sites! that's SUCH a turn off. >.<

if you want to take off from a template, here's my suggestion:

good luck!
Is adult content even allowed on FriHost?
It looks just like every other blog I've seen.
haha, it looks a bit too professional to be an adult site... it kinda reminds me of MSN when i look at it...
adult content isn't allowed in this server i believe.

is it a store?

havent found any rule that says adult content is forbidden, or then i must search harder.

cant check that site yet... im at school Very Happy
{name here}
Marston wrote:
Is adult content even allowed on FriHost?

It's allowed as long as it isn't pornographic IIRC.
You should probably make it a bit brighter, and you also spice the design up a bit.
I suggest black and red or black and pink. Use a kind of "lacey" or "swirly" font and make the whole site feel like it's a place of sin. You alos need more images on the site, because if it's an adult site then the visitors want to see what they could be purchasing.
i definitely like the designs.
very nice
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