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How important is excercise to you?

How important is excercise to you?
 68%  [ 15 ]
 13%  [ 3 ]
 9%  [ 2 ]
Not really
 9%  [ 2 ]
Very un-
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 22

I was just wondering this, because lately I've come across so many people that just don't care.. but then again I've come across so many people who are engulfed in it.

So how important is physical exercise to you?
Exercise should be really important to most people. Getting your heart rate going helps you improve your appearance and your health, both mental and physical. The key is to not overdo it and to find something you are willing to stick with.

If you don't care... then your health and longevity are not important to you. You apparently are not as concerned about developing one of many health problems like diabetes that put tremendous financial strain on yourself, your family, and your society. You are also not concerned about the effect bad health has on the image you project to others, including those that might model your behavior, and you are not concerned about the heart ache you might cause your family when you die at 55 instead of living to see your grandchildren graduate high school.

I guess that's a little harsh. But then again, so is losing a foot.
I think that it is important but often i don't find or take the time that is necessary. Before I used to run marathons and do a lot of exercises but nowadays I have a family and I spend less time at sport.
But I still anyway do pretty regularly training at least to have a good health. I think that everybody should do at least once a week some sport, people and health insurance companies would be happier.
Exercise is FAR more important the diet these days!

Most people are getting nearly enough of the foods (vitamins, minerals etc.) they need (as well as a lot of stuff they don't need) but not nearly enough of the exercise the need.

if you don't use them (your muscles)
then you'll lose them

and your health too!
Exercise and proper eating are very important, but you can probably eat most whatever you want (barring a few foods that are absolutely terrible for you) if you work out consistently.
Both exercise and diet are important to me / it's pretty much the thing I'm busy with most of my time. In total I 'exercise' 4-5 times a week (3 days of weightlifting, 1-2 days of tricking/'extreme martial arts') so I'm quite busy.

I agree more people should be active... it sucks to eat 'bad' foods already, but not doing any exercise just makes it a lot worse.
I train Le Parkour and Acrobatics. Exercises are important as if I'm too weak my results in these 2 sports will be low.
Only physical Exercise is important, I don't care much about diets (Though I try not to eat too much junk food).
I have few training programs, one for: (i'm not good with anatomy terms) stomach muscles, upper body parts, legs (running) and jump distance, ofcourse I try to mix some of them, so don't think that all I do is exercise all day long... I also go to the Gym sometimes, but I do the most exercises at home.

I do all that for few reasons (phylosophical and less phylosophical ones ;] ), one and most important is to make myself better and better so I can feel better with myself and have better results in sports. Then it's for being able to show off in front of girls ;]
I would say extremely important for me. Not only one way to relieve stress but I think the most important way to free yourself from life's pressures.

I think most people fail to understand that its vital to exercise when you are healthy and not when you have a disease or body ache. I frequent a local gym here and I can see a lot of them value exercise. But I also think that some joins a gym when they want to diet or when they are so much out of shape that a plastic surgery would probably be the fastest way than painful exercises can offer.

Also I realize that when you start exercising, it becomes a habit that you just can't get enough of it. Its not an addiction but a motivation to exercise more and keep in shape especially when you get to see the results. But that would also mean you need to have some kind of aims rather than exercising blindly just because people around you do.
For me, setting aside time or deliberately "excercising" as an activity distinct from my daily life seems silly. We evolved as hunters and gatherers, spending two to three hours a day in low-intensity excercise via walking and other light body movement. By simply not having a car and using walking, biking, and public transit as transportation modes, I get a good ways towards a natural lifestyle. Adding gardening activity for food growing and other activity around the house keeps me excercising by default, and I don't feel any need for additional targeted excercise.
both a healthy diet and excercise are both very important to me in general. but i just do them naturally. i just can't handle oily/fatty/crappy foods. they make me feel ill. maybe it's an asian thing xD.

and i just....naturally am hyper. i just....NEED to move. like, not work out type of move that much because i find i look freaky with lots of muscle, especially since i have a lot of muscle on my legs, but i just dance all day long, whenever i can, and i jump around the house. kids these day, eh? x3
For me it is very important, I can't help it but if I don't do anything I get that feeling I need to work out or something.
I can get very lazy from time to time and dont care about it, then when I start back into it, its quite hard and not very enjoyable at first. But then once you get fitter and get into a routine it becomes hard to go without it. Maybe its the endorphine rush you get after exercise that you start to miss I guess
Exercise is very important. But yah, i'm lazy and the only exercise I do is walking. I walk a distance everyday because of school. I try to exercise as much as possible whenever I'm in the mood.
I don't find enough time for exercise, and I don't care if I am unable to do it. but still, I think exercise is very important and I'll try to do it whenever I get time.
I get obsessive compulsive about exercise, and feel like a failure if I don't attain a daily goal. Oh well. Thus, I suppose that exercise is pretty important to me. I've always been a bit scared about what I would do if I broke a limb, and was possibly bedridden for an extended period of time. I came close to fracturing my right elbow once, so instead of lifting weights, I ran laps with a cast and a sling.

By the way, about that 'hunter-gatherer' argument of 2 to 3 hours of light intensity exercise daily, I've read otherwise. Hunter gatherers do not spend 2-3 hours of slight exercise, but they alternate intense periods of high activity with long periods of relatively free time. I can find a reference, if you really want.
Traning is something that is very important and usefull for me. After I stardet to workout I got a lot more energy and more happy about my self.

Now I'm training evry second day. My expirience about training is that u will get a much better and faster result by training difrent muscels each day (not use them all in one day).

I also use creatine whitch can increase your energy up to 40%. Creatine has no bad sideeffects and it's found natureally in your body. Most people don't create so much creatine witch is in the muscells energy-storage. It works great for me.

I also use Proteins that you'll need to reebiuld your muscells, but if you eat meat or fish evry day it's not so nesseserly.

It is importen to eat offen instead of eating very much when you are very hungry.

Have dissiplin over your training and you will get far :)
I don`t exercise very much. I just get bored of doing that Confused I knew that exercising is important fore my healthy, bla bla bal... but just din`t like to do it Confused
Of course it's important to workout regally, especially when we have a more sedentary lifestyle...
I used to exercise very little, and I did for school, what we had to do. But now I really don't have time for it and that's pretty bad. If you call like walking around big huge places exercise, then I do that a lot. Just not like, stair climbers and running miles ---no.
To me exercise is really important. I love to run, mountain bike, roller skate, skiing...and a lot more. If I cannot have exercise I feel down. 2 weeks without running and my body is screaming kilometers. Honoustly. It keeps me on a same kind of weight meanwhile I can eat all that I like. I have never been in a diet in all of my life. But without exercise I would probably need that. Because I'm a food lover as well. I'm not doing it to get a better body. I used to go to the gym. And that did improve my body, but going there, always full of people, waiting, etc. Nop, I prefer to put on my tennis shoes and off you go. Getting back home, all sweaty, taking a shower, and ready. Wonderful feeling. It's part of my life. And I love it!
I can't seem to vote. Do I have to log out before voting?

Anyway, my answer is VERY important. Most people get too comfy in their own homes and work places that they become too lazy to move their butt and sweat out. Only when they are diagnosed with some health problems will they start taking exercise seriously. By then, the damage has been done.

Exercise should be consistent and should have nothing to do with age. What you exercise now will help you in your later life. I believe in that and I look at exercise as very important for health. And when you do it often, u get into the rythm and things just fall into place whereby you exercise to maintain your health and not to worry about rebounds.
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