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Long sighted

I never noticed this till recently, but I just realised that in order to read or play my handheld games, I need to put the object further and further away from my face. It's a realisation which crept on me only recently when I dropped my spectacles while holding my parrot near my face and realised that I could see him clearer. Then I realised that I've been holding him further and further away from my face over the years just so I could see him clearly.

I never knew this and I always thought it wouldn't happen to me until my late 40's, but I'm only in my mid-30's now.

For those who need reading glasses, when did you start using them?
I wished i was long sighted. I am short sighted and it sucks i have to be stuck to everything to see it. But i am going to the opticians soon to try out those contact lens' that you can wear for a month. As i've heard they're really hard to get in and out. I guess it's just the thought of touching your eye. It puts some people off. Sorry for going a bit off topic here Rolling Eyes. I have needed glasses since i was 15 though since you asked.
Captain Fertile
I too am long sighted but didn't know until a few months ago. I have been prescribed glasses my whole life but only recetly discovered I am in fact long sighted.

I am supposed to wear glasses for watching TV, reading and driving when tired.
Teddy1 wrote:
I wished i was long sighted. I am short sighted and it sucks i have to be stuck to everything to see it.

I have 20/20 vision, but only in one eye, the other eye is moderately myopic (short-sighted) at 20/100. So I don't need to wear glasses and can see perfectly as long as my better eye is the one I am relying on. My optometrist stated that my myopia in one eye is actually a good thing, since as we age (like that old Captain) our eyes tend to harden and become harder to manipulate in order to focus on closer objects (far-sightedness). And since my "bad" eye is short-sighted, it will still be able to focus on the closer objects. Therefore, when I get to be older (like the Captain Wink ) I won't have as much need (if any) for reading glasses till much later in life.
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