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Make an animation contest (everything provided)

Hello, Its been awhile from my last post in the contest forums, this is becuase im very busy... I have my main site im working on, my tutrial site, my school webstie ... and i have the frihost mini games...some of my other games, and also, another game...a ninja game ... rofl.

heres where the contest comes in, I dont have time to make the little animation thats going to be playing in the background of the title screen. So why not have a contest for it. I think this would be fun, and would be kind of neat to see what you all come up with

heres the deal, the animation must be done in flash. (if you dont have flash, this is no problem, just download the free trail version) I will provide you with the .fla file. the .fla file will have the curret size, along with the images of the 2 main characters that you MUST USE. you may add other things than whats just in the FLA file

This contest will be worth 100 $frih.
(note there must be at least 3 people playing for this contest to take place)

you may see the ninja game (only the first 1/10th of the tutrial level and the first little example of the intro movie done) but this will give you an idea of the game.... check it out HERE

you may download the .fla file HERE (will put up once at least 3 people agree to this contest)
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