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Love and Hate

Ok in short, my ex broke up with me a month before she moved to germany for a year in some sort of exchange program. She left telling me i reminded her of her father, who i later found out abused her and is now in jail (thank god). Needless to say, that hurt quite a bit and really makes me hate myself. I'll always remember her words telling me i was like her dad, which is practically saying i'm like my own dad. If i forgive myself, i'd have to forgive him and i just couldn't do that. I never hit her, but i acted like such a jerk doing things she didn't like and never stopping when she said to stop.

Now that she's back from germany i can feel how much she hates me b/c i represent everything she hates, but at the same time it's like she's trying to be near me but hurting me all the time. I just don't understand her, she has a boyfriend now, but it's like she's trying to hurt me. She says such horrible things to me but claims she doesn't hate me. I love her and she hates me. Unfortunatly everyone thinks she's the nicest person in the world so i feel like a real idiot for being upset at her.

Anyone go through anything similiar? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get over someone you love so much but hates you?

EDIT: Oh and just so no one worries, my dads dead now so he can't touch me anymore ^_^
she dont really not hate u if she said u were like her dad. i think u have hurt her too much in some way, and she is not able to forgive u for it.

try askin her why she is treatin u that way. though that is probably not going to work. i also treated a girl this way when she hurt me feelings, but then we made up cuz i told her how much she hurt me, and she understood and tired to make amends.

probably a lotta blah blah, but might help.
Althought the situations were different (we never really spoke). This same thing is the kind of thing I had to deal with.

What can I say? We never got back together and now I'm almost glad for it. There was to much pain in it for either of us to ever really go back to it. In reality she left me because I was unpopular at the time (we were still in school then) and it made me hurt oh so much.

You can try talking to her but unless you figure out what exactly it is then I wouldn't go through the pain. At times, it can be way more than you can bear. Just my opinion though.
yeah thanks, it is a lot of pain that's for sure
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