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What if Mourinho leave Chealsea?

I think Mourinho is the one who Chealsea really need. If he leave the club then it a really big change. All the players in the club seem to be so royal to him and Mourinho makes what Chealsea become today.

However I believe that he will leave the club after the end of this season. Let's see what gonna happen.
Mourinho is an arrogant twat - good riddance for English footy if he leaves! (imo)...

Anyway...Chealsea will be able to get almost they will get another good coach instead...without a second of doubt.
although mourinho is a cocky prick, he really knows how to motivate players... that's why he managed to grab CL with Porto 3 years ago. i think that he's the only coach with anough authority to tame all the egos in chelsea's locker room... something like phil jackson able to handle MJ/pippen/rodman and kobe/shaq
Anyone can say whatever they want about him, but he definetely is one of the best coaches out there. He brought Chelsea to where it is now. Yes, you can say a lot of money invested by Abramovich, but come on, are there really so many ultra-famous players in Chelsea? And still they are one of favorites to win the CL this year.
I'm sure that Chelsea without Mourinho would be a 100 percent different team..The team is built around Jose, and his absence from the squad would change a lot of things... Some of the players would leave and new alternatives would be seeken...Maybe Guus Hiddink is a good replacement, but I think that it would be difficult for him to reach this team spirit and unity Jose has achieved....
Much as I would love to see Mourinho leave (I am a diehard ManU fan), it is true ... Chelsea is where they are today because of that arrogant guy Laughing

He is a superb coach, but I think he made a few bad buying decisions during the offseason, and they are costing him.

Apart from that, with a injury depleted backline and goalkeepers, combined with the non-performance from the 3 stars he signed up during the offseason have played a part.

But honestly, I dont think he should leave. He has made the EPL very lively. I just hate his stupid comments (he is a very sore loser, but then so is Ferguson Wink )

Overall, Jose is a great coach, and Chelsea will lose out if he goes. Maybe they might get a new coach and personnel might change, but Mourinho brings something else to the game, his zest and fire, and it will be hard to replace that.
What Chelsea is right now due to that man, Mourinho. And, if he leaves the team, i'm afraid, Chelsea will loose their current position at english legue.
Chealsea will only get better without him!

Trust me.

Muriniho does nothing right now in the Stanford.
Well, He is a great coach and I'm admire him on that, BUT - He is very arrogant and that is probably make the fight between him and Avramovich.
Who cares about Chel$ki... They take the fun of the premier league with their stupid " I'll buy my way to the top" policy.

I'd rather support Arsenal. They dun buy their way to the top. They play attractive football. You don't see Arsenal goalkeepers taking hours to take a goal kick unlike some other teams.

Arsenal are 4th in the table you say? I don't really give a damn if Arsenal does not win the league so long as they does fairly well. Me watch football for the excitement, not for meaningless statistics.

Go Gunners Go!
I like more PVC, the most greater Coach of all times, Mourinho is nothing compare to him...
Hoogeveense RAT
I think there's no problem for Chelsea if Mourinho ever leave. They have enoguh money to find another coach who's equal or even better than Mourinho.

Johan Derksen, The most well-known football reporter in Holland, saud last monday in a TV Show that Frank Rijkaard will be the new coach of Chelsea and Guus Hiddink will become the manager.
CHELSEA will be that the same position where WESTHAM is today........
He is the manager who is good at motivation and managing egos. He is definitely not a Wenger who has an eye for youth and nurturing it.

Chelsea will be fine with all that talent, but you definitely need the right manager to get it all to work together to ultimately win the CL.
Without Mourinho it will take lots of time to build up the team and the manager's relationship. Most of the teams in the clubs are based on the idea the manager wanted to build his team. And Chelsea is doing fantastics under the leadership of Mister Mourinho. It will be a bad idea to replace him at this time. Let the Premiership season ends first and then decide. He is very good at his job. He should lead Chelsea for another 2 years or more.
I think that if Mourinho left Chelsea it would be a disaster for Chelsea i also think that is Mourinho left Chelsea a couple of the bigger stars like John Terry and Frank Lampard will also leave.
Mourinho is a really good manager and i dont think that they could find anyone to replace him
Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world. He is the reason why Chelsea are so good today.

If he leaves then Chelsea will be in for big trouble. He is so good that he has made Chelsea unbeatable especially at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea need Mourinho more than anything. I'm sure that the players like Terry and Drogba have realised that and as a result I think that Mourinho has these players on his side.
Mourinho leaving would not only be bad for Chelsea it would be bad for the EPL in general.

He is an arrogant, cocky, passionate but above all else effective manager. Look at his team, do you think a managed that didn;t have those attributes could manage them?

While yea, a lot of Chelsea's success is due to the amount of money spent on players you would be a fool to underestimate the impact that Jose has had on the team.

Jose has made it a proper battle for the top of the league now, gone are the days of 1 team dominations, and tbh I don;t want to see those days again.

Personally I don't see him leaving until he wins all the silverware he can with Chelsea, then he'll move on.

But, more importantly. Go on the Devils! EPL is in our grasp this year, we can do it!
Patriot Players
He's a great coach, and provides good entertainment with some of his comments. As a Chelsea fan I can say it will be a sad day when he goes. But he has already said that intends to stay out the rest of his contract, so its a bit of a moot point. Chelsea could afford anyone if they really wanted to, but Mourinho is by far the best available to them.
If he left Chelsea, Chelsea would only get better.
He never left chelsea because abramovich give he veeery big money ;d
nappa wrote:
I think Mourinho is the one who Chealsea really need. If he leave the club then it a really big change. All the players in the club seem to be so royal to him and Mourinho makes what Chealsea become today.

However I believe that he will leave the club after the end of this season. Let's see what gonna happen.

I really dont think there is any loyalty at all to the chelsea club from the players at all actually. They are only there for the money and the amount of money being spent on improving chelsea (to be honest, I cannot understand why top players would moveto chelsea, but that is another story Laughing Laughing ).. Id think it would be more likely for Mourinho to be fired that for him to leave on his own accord with the results Chelsea have been getting this season and the huge expectation that Abramovich has for his team
get guus and they will win everything in there first season. He is not just a good manager but a good coach and a good talent scout (wont just take the most $$$ players).
I agree he is an important part of the team but you can't tell what is going to happen.. just watch..
When Mourinho leaves Chelsea, than Michael Ballack has no more proponent. Wink
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