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How To Format Hard Drives

This is not a link to tutorial this is a quick tutorial!
Note: you will have to reinstall drivers to hardware and Software If you dont know what these are do not try this.
Formating hard drives is really not very difficult. Why Format Hard Drive? Sometimes, because of viruses or other various user errors your operating system becomes corrupted, and will not boot. when this happens you can iether report to your Computer dealer/Manufacturer or Take Matters into your own hands.
The first thing you want to do is check for a repair disk or cd. i.e. Windows XP has a repair option when you boot up from your Windows Xp Cd Rom. To boot up from your Windows Xp cd simply stick the disk in and restart your computer, if your bios settings are set accordingly it should prompt you to boot up from cd.
If It does Not work Read this, if it worked read ahead to Formatting! Ok. To change your bios Setting reboot your computer and it will prompt you with a key to press to enter settings, unless you are not the real administrator and this part has been blocked out for quicker boot up. Now Depending on the computer/Manufacturer a screen will open up and you will see various options. Be very Careful not to change anything except what i tell you, if you do,just go to exit discarding changes and start over. Now find the Boot Menu and It Should Be listed as follows:1st-Floppy 2nd-Cdrom 3rd-Hard Drive ect.](there may be others below these two. Set it up like this and exit saving changes and you should now be able to boot from cd.
Format for Windows 95/98/2000/ read Here. Make sure you save everything you want to Zip Drive or Cd or other. Now all you have to do is under the start menu select Reboot in MS-Dos and once its booted make sure the directory is under C:\Windows And Then Type format C: and Choos yes! Once it is Done You can boot up from your install cd and get things going again.
Note: you will have to reinstall drivers to hardware and Software If you dont know what these are do not try this.
Format for Windows XP. Boot up from the Windows XP Cd and you can either choose Install and let it Format when it asked you and Reinstall will fall imediately after or you can choose repair type in Format C:\ And reboot then return to CD and Install
Note: you will have to reinstall drivers to hardware and Software If you dont know what these are do not try this.
That's It You Can Post Questions or Comments! Joe Cool Very Happy
Very funny. If you don't know what it is, don't try it. If you know, anyway you know. Why this post then? Very Happy
kv, this is Joe Cool,
Just Because someone don't know how to Format a hard Drive doesn't mean they don't know what Drivers and Software is. Anyway Since you said that I will Explain! Drivers are what tell your hardware, such as your monitor, your video card, or any other hardware you have attached to your computer iether external or internal, what to do and how it should be configured. Most stuff Nowa days are Plug n Play, Which means you don't have to install anything the computer will automatically recognize it or has a default(standard) driver for it. When you purchase a computer or hardware it should come with all the necessary software and drivers. Just make sure You can find these before attemting Format. Post any Questions or Comments!
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